What To Do If Your Face Hurts Due To Dryness

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The winter season is such a pain for dry skin. Skin that is usually not so dry, gets dry and painful during the winters. So, that is why you need to take a little bit of extra care for your skin during the winters. If you're thinking of what to do with painful skin on face and how to treat it, then you must continue reading.

People with combination skin types are usually blessed, as they do not have to suffer seasonal woes on their skin as much as people with dry or oily skin do.

But it does not mean that if you have combination skin, you wouldn't have to take extra care of your skin during the winters. No matter what your skin type, winters would need you to switch up your skin care regime.

Sometimes, the skin gets so dry in winters that it starts to feel stretchy and painful. And even simple expressions like smiling can feel like a pain. So, to avoid this, certain steps must be taken to reduce the dryness.

Here's what you can do if your face hurts due to dryness in winters.


1. Change Your Face Wash:

You should have different face washes for different seasons. Stay away from harsh face washes made for people with oily skin during the winters.


2. Heavy Duty Moisture:

You would have to change your moisturiser and start using something more hydrating. Go for the one that gets absorbed into the skin easily.


3. Toning:

Toning should not be skipped, no matter what the weather. Toning helps bring the moisture level of the face back after you wash it and prevents the skin from getting dehydrated.


4. Skip Face Packs:

Face packs usually seep and absorb the impurities from the skin. And in this process, they end up absorbing some of the natural oils from the face as well. This may be really good for the summer, but not for winters.


5. Sheet Masks:

This is what you can do with painful dry skin on face - try sheet masks. Sheet masks provide you with a boost of moisture. This is one of the best tips given by skin care experts world over, to use sheet masks.


6. Exfoliate:

When dry and flaky skin is present at the top layer of your skin and it hurts, exfoliation becomes a must. This would help get rid of the dead skin cells and it will leave you with a glowing soft skin.


7. Face Oils:

Face oils become a must when you have dry and painful skin in winters. They nourish your skin better and even heal it.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 22, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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