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Here's What Ginger Can Do For Your Skin

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Ginger enhances the taste in a lot of foods. However, did you know that it has amazing benefits for the skin and hair? There are so many ways in which ginger can benefit your skin.

Ginger root is really good for the health, especially if you have a cold. It helps soothe the throat to a great extent. There is honestly nothing more comforting than a cup of ginger tea on a bad sore throat day, or when you have fever or a cold.

But that's not the only thing ginger is good for. Ginger can also help your hair and skin in multiple ways. And it is really surprising that this rhizome that is always lying in your kitchen has so many hidden benefits.

Ginger is a herb perennially found in China and India. It is used to treat multiple problems like vomiting, nausea, acidity, morning sickness and motion sickness. It is great for stomach problems.

Eating ginger can give you the skin and hair that you have dreamt of. And, it can also be applied to get gorgeous-looking skin and hair, here's how.

1. To Treat Blemishes: It is a powerful antiseptic and helps clear the skin and kill bacteria. It gives way to smooth, acne-free skin. Ginger mixed with honey can benefit a great deal.

ginger benefits on skin

2. Anti-Ageing Remedy: The high amount of antioxidants in ginger are great for preventing the first signs of ageing. It also helps prevent damage from free radicals and improves circulation in the skin.

ginger benefits on skin

3. Toner: Make a mask of ginger, honey and lemon. This would act as the best toning mask, as ginger has antioxidants that help get rid of the free radicals from deep within.

ginger benefits on skin

4. For White Scars: Ginger also helps remove hypo-pigmentation scars or white scars. All you need to do for this is to rub ginger juice on the area and keep it on for a while. Gradually, it will reduce your white scars.

ginger benefits on skin

5. Hair Growth: Rub ginger root on the area where your hair may be falling from. It is best if you do it all over your scalp. Leave the juice on for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

ginger benefits on skin

6. To Treat Brittle Hair: It has zinc and phosphorous, which give a nice shine to hair when ginger juice is applied to the hair and massaged for a while.

ginger benefits on skin

7. Radiance: Applying ginger juice on your face can give it a nice, refreshed glow. You could also mix it with other ingredients like yogurt, milk, etc., to boost its effectiveness.

ginger benefits on skin
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Story first published: Thursday, November 24, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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