10 Quick Tricks To Make Your Skin Glow In Minutes

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Let's admit it, between 9-5 jobs, being a power woman juggling career and family commitments, not to mention, keeping up with the many "social obligations", we women have no time left!

In the list of self-indulgence, getting good many hours of sleep tops our list than slapping on yet another face mask! That's why, we came up with some quick tricks to glowing skin in minutes!

skin glowing tricks

These quick tricks to glowing skin do not take more than 2 minutes of your time, they definitely work cheaper than your fancy spas and are totally skin-safe!

Reality check! Sure, all these quick tricks for glowing skin curated in this article work to cleanse, tone and nourish your skin, which in turn makes your skin radiant!

However, what it cannot do is give an overnight result. For that matter, any product, be it herbal or store-bought, only works on the surface of the skin.

For real radiance, you need to work from within. As they say, your skin is the direct reflection of your health, you must make sure you lead a healthy life.

And, most importantly, love thy self and your skin. Carry that million dollar smile like a diva and you will be amazed how it transforms your look!

For now, take a look at these tricks to glowing skin.

milk wipe

Milk Wipe
Immerse a cotton ball in chilled raw milk. Wring out the excess and gently wipe your skin with the solution. Let it sit till dry. Rinse it off with cold water. This Ayurvedic remedy for clear skin has ample amount of lactic acid, which sloughs off the dirt layer, revealing clear skin underneath.

stand upside down

Stand Upside Down
We know it sounds bizarre, but hear us out. Lie down vertical on your bed, with your head hanging out. Maintain the position for 2 minutes, then return back. It will send blood gushing right to your face and neck, which in turn will make you glow!


Ice, Ice, Baby
Probably the easiest trick to glowing skin in the book! The low temperature of ice soothes burned skin, closes open pores, and gets the blood flowing, which in turn makes you dewy glow. For added toning, pour in your favourite fruit juice in the ice tray, and dab it right up onto your skin!


Steam With A Twist
Regular steam? Done a plenty of times. Here is a twist, and your skin will thank you for it. Add a used green tea bag to boiling water, with a few drops of essential oils of your choice. Take the steam for 2 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

rose water spray

Rose Water Spray
Out for a party and your skin is just not happening? Try this natural ingredient for glowing skin. Pop a rose water spray in the fridge for an hour. Spritz the rose water on to your tired skin. Let your skin absorb the toning and healing properties of the rose water. Your skin will feel instantly refreshed.

face massage

Tap Your Face
We do mean it, literally! Once you cleanse your face, apply small dabs of moisturiser all over your face. Using a clean finger, gently tap your face to get the blood flowing. Now, massage the cream in an upward direction. This simple trick will help the skin absorb the moisture better and give you an enviable glow!

tomato rub

Tomato Rub
Packed with beta-carotene, lycopene and skin-loving vitamins, a tomato rub can instantly rejuvenate your skin.

Cut thin slices of tomato, gently scrub your face in a circular motion with it. Let the tomato residue sit in your face for a couple of minutes. Once your skin starts to stretch, scrub and rinse.


Egg Mask
Really, egg has more proteins than any other natural ingredient you can get your hands on. And it just takes a few minutes to give your skin that "to-die-for" glow.

For this herbal mask, all you need to do is take egg white in a bowl, and mix in a few drops of lemon juice. Apply a thin coat on to your face. When you feel it has dried enough to make your skin stretch, rinse it clean.

green tea

Eye Brightener
Sometimes glowing sparkly eyes can make more difference than fresh skin.

Pop a used green tea bag in the refrigerator for five minutes. Take it out and place it over your eyes for 5 minutes, until all the cold seeps out. Your eyes will shine and feel so much relaxed.

quick nap

Quick Nap
It helps! Even if you have just 15 minutes, take a quick nap, your mind will be refreshed and so will your skin. This is a quick trick for glowing skin, in a few minutes, that never fails!

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