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Sugar: One Ingredient That Can Give You Smoother Skin

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Rough skin! Two words that can make the bravest of us shudder. Rough skin can be caused by various reasons. However, rough skin on the face is often caused by the build-up of dead cells.

Dead skin cells are a natural by-product of our existence. Dead cells when not cleaned regularly can cause various problems such as acne, blemishes and even warts.

Salt and tumeric are still being used for skin care remedies.  

Salt is often used as an exfoliant to get rid of the dead cells on the face. Salt has to be used in the form of a body scrub or a face scrub. It has to be used with care, as the right ingredients have to be mixed to give you the desired results.


Turmeric, on the other hand, is used to lighten the skin and smoothen the skin. Turmeric is not an ideal solution for everyone due to the yellow stain it tends to leave behind. The smell of turmeric doesn't appeal to everyone as well.

We do have a new skin care remedies contender in the ring! This ingredient was not used so commonly but is gaining more popularity quickly, these days. This ingredient is definitely sugar. How can you get rid of dead cells using sugar and remove a tan as well? Well, this question will be answered in the paragraphs below. Take a look.


Sugar Face Pack For Lighter Skin

Lemon works as a skin-lightening agent, while the sugar works by exfoliating any dead skin cells. If you have dry skin, then adding a drop of glycerine can help; however, do not add glycerine if you have a sensitive skin.

One tablespoon of white refined sugar
2 drops of olive oil
Two drops of lemon juice

Mix the sugar with the olive oil in a small bowl. Add the lemon juice and gently stir. Apply the sugar face pack on your skin in a circular manner.

For best results, gently scrub your face in a circular direction while applying the pack. Allow the face pack to rest on your face for 15 minutes.


Rinse with cool water and dab your face dry. Repeat once a week or when required. Let your friends stare in awe at the reduced tan and your smoother skin.

Sugar And Honey Face Pack For A Smoother Skin

Sugar works as one of the best face pack ingredients when combined with honey. Honey moisturises the skin at a molecular level. Honey works by getting rid of the dryness while calming your skin.

1 tablespoon of sugar
2 teaspoons of honey


Mix the sugar and honey in a small bowl. Scrub your face while applying the face pack. Leave the face pack on for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Dab your face dry.

Repeat twice in a week or when required. Tell your friends about the wonders of sugar and how you got a smoother skin in a jiffy!

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