Shaving Mistakes That You’re Making Unknowingly

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When it comes to shaving, we often think about using the best razor or a good trimmer. The accessories and after-shave lotions are somethings that we mostly concentrate on.

In this article, we are here to share some of the shaving mistakes that you have been doing often and not realising it.

These mistakes generally go unnoticed but can often have a negative impact on your skin.

When you actually realise that you want to shave, you end up using a soap bar or a razor that is just lying across.

These little mistakes can play a major role in harming your skin. Ingrown hair, razor burns and some missed points are some of the common issues of not shaving in a right way.

So, find out about the most common mistakes that we often do when we decide to shave. Read on and we're sure you can relate to some of these common shaving mistakes we all do.


Using Cold Water

Using cold water is not a good option when you are planning to shave. Cold water will only close your skin pores and give you an uneven shave. So, make sure you use warm water instead.


Shaving Time

Studies reveal that shaving a night before gives you a better finish than shaving after you have just gotten up. The hair starts to retreat back when you sleep, so the best time would be to shave before you sleep.


Rinse The Razor Well

After striking a movement on your skin, make sure you rinse the razor well and remove all the dirt from it before stroking another one. This helps you use less pressure on the blade and the skin remains smooth as well.


Pressing Too Hard

If you think that pressing the razor on the skin will give you a clean shave, then you are totally wrong my friend. It will only lead to more razor burns, irritation or cuts, so be gentle and don't press the razor too hard on the skin.


No Post-Shave Routine

This is the most common mistake that we often do. Once done with the shave, we storm out of the bathroom and go on with our daily chores. We actually need to apply an after-shave lotion and moisturise it to avoid burns and bumps that appear on the skin.


Not Ex-foliating

This is one of the most important steps that you have to follow before shaving. Make sure you exfoliate your hands and legs well before shaving, as this helps to remove the dead skin cells.


Not Shaving Under Shower

This is something that we all avoid as we're scared of cuts and falls. However, do you know that shaving under warm water gives you the best results??

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 18:07 [IST]
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