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Only Two Ingredients You'll Need To Remove Skin Impurities!

By Kumutha

Are those nasty dark spots, pus-filled pimples and dull complexion giving you a serious case of anxiety? What if we say you need only two ingredients to completely get rid of them all?

Don't believe us? Try this face mask and see for yourself. Not only are these ingredients au-naturale, but are also easily available in your kitchen and cost next to nothing.

But, most importantly, so soaked are these ingredients in their therapeutic properties that they can pretty much transform your skin. Wondering what are these ingredients we are incessantly harping about. It is the age ol' neem and the holy basil, a.k.a., tulsi.

Neem contains microbial properties that cleanse pores and kill the infection-causing bacteria. It also contains vitamin C in heaps, which lightens pigmentation, slow down skin's ageing, and promotes new skin cell growth.

Tulsi, on the other hand, has antibacterial properties that clear pimples, flush out toxins from the skin and antioxidants that give the skin a luminescent glow.

When these two herbal leaves are combined in a face mask, you can expect nothing less than revolutionary results.

So, here is how to remove your skin and remove skin impurities naturally with the help of this DIY tulsi and neem face pack.

Step 1:

Take a handful of neem and basil leaves and put them out under the sun to dry. Leave the leaves for 24 hours. When the leaves turn colour from deep green to mottled brown, grind into a fine powder, separately.

Step 2:

Take a bowl, add 2 teaspoons of neem and 2 teaspoons of basil powder. Along with 1 tablespoon of multani mitti.

Step 3:

Keep adding rose water and stirring the ingredients together, until you get a smooth paste.

Step 4:

Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and pat it dry with a microfiber towel. Leave your skin slightly moist, for better application of the mask.

Step 5:

Using a brush, apply an even coat of the neem and tulsi pack to the facial skin and neck. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

Step 6:

When the mask dries off, scrub and rinse it off with plain water. Follow it up by massaging the skin with a light moisturiser. Apply this mask twice in a week for best results.

Use these natural ingredients for clear skin and let us know your feedback in the comment section below!

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 9:00 [IST]