No More Black Spots, Blemishes Or Scars With This Black Pepper Mask!

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From the time we popped that pimple to the time we scraped our skin, dark spots seem to be an inevitable part of our skin. Not anymore! For we have a solution - black pepper mask.

pepper mask

We ain't the one to make boastful claims, we did our research! And here are some facts. Black pepper is a rich source of vitamin C, which forms a protective shield on the skin against the damaging free radicals.

It contains more antioxidants than any spice you can get your hands on. It is this antioxidant that bolsters the skin's collagen level, improves elasticity and slows down ageing process.

Not just that, the coarse nature of this DIY black pepper mask removes dead skin cells, flushes out toxins and boosts the lymphatic and blood circulation, which in turn reduces black spots.

Other than that, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help kill the acne-causing bacteria.

Now, we know, we have been preaching a whole lot of goodness about black pepper, but you need to be careful when using it. Being highly concentrated, it is not a good choice for sensitive skin.

So, negate the concentrated effect of pepper with other healing ingredients. Patch test the mask before you apply it.

And here is how to clear your skin naturally using black pepper.

Step 1:


Take half a teaspoon of black pepper, and pound it into a coarse powder.

Step 2:


Take a bowl, add a teaspoon of yogurt and using a fork, keep whipping it, until the texture softens a bit to give you a semi-liquid consistency.

Step 3:


Add the ground pepper and honey to the yogurt and stir it until all the ingredients combine well. For added moisture, you can also add a few drops of almond oil.

Step 4:

cleanse face

Cleanse your skin with plain water to remove the dirt residue and pat dry.

Step 5:

apply scrub

Apply a thin coat of the mask to your face and neck. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Spritz your face lightly with some water and scrub in a circular motion. Once the black pepper mask to remove dark spots loosens, rinse it with lukewarm water. Follow it up by rinsing your face with cold water, to close the pores.

Step 6:


Later, follow it up, by nourishing your skin with a moisturising face cream. Massage it onto your skin in a circular motion, using upward strokes for the moisture to seep in well.

Apply this black pepper mask to clear skin not more than once in two weeks.

Note - Slight burning sensation is normal; however, if you experience excess irritation on the skin, wash it off immediately with plain water.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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