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Life Saving Lip Balm Hacks

By Riddhi

Lip balms are our most favourite beauty products. And we are sure, we aren't the only ones. All the choices of finishes and flavours just spoil us. We have listed a few lip balm hacks in this article that can save you from more than just chapped lips.

The fun thing about lip balms is that they come in various different forms, be it tubs, tubes, and tin boxes. Of late, there are lip balms available even in a sphere form, which makes the product really smooth and fun to use.

We end up loosing lip balms a lot, so inevitably, we end up buying a lot of them, which isn't something that we usually complain about, given the choices we get. We are just itching to buy and try new flavours of lip balms.

So, when you have a lot of lip balms lying around, you tend to experiment with its uses, like we ended up doing. And you'd be surprised at just how many ways you can use these little beauties.

So, keep reading to make more use of your regular lip balms with these easy lip balm hacks.

1. Rashes: Lip balms can almost be like a magical cure for rashes. Just dab some on the rash and leave it on overnight. It will be gone by the next morning.

2. Gloss: Want glossy lips without having to use a sticky lip gloss? Just dab on some lip balm on top of a lipstick or a lip stain to get that perfect glossy pout.

3. Eyelids: Glossy eyelids are quite in trend these days. Some people are naturally blessed with oily lids, but a few of us need a little extra help. Blend in some lip balm on your lids to get easy, glossy eyelids.

4. Baby Hairs: Those baby hairs can be really annoying, especially when you're trying to get your hair set and in place. In such cases, just dab a little bit of lip balm on the strands and make them stay in place.

5. Hair Serum: You know how sometimes your hair ends get really dry? A lip balm is a perfect option for when the ends of your hair could do with a little extra care. These are more moisturising than your average everyday hair serum.

6. Frizzy Hair: Just a little bit of lip balm run through the length of your hair can eliminate all signs of frizz. No more bad hair days!

7. Highlight: Dab on a little lip balm on the high points of your cheeks to get the easiest and cheapest highlighter ever! So, use these best lip balm hacks when you really are running out of time and need a quick fix.

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