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How To Do A Salon Style Facial At Home

By Riddhi

Going to the salon every month or so is a luxury to most people. But does that mean that people who can't really go to the salon much should give up on a bit of skin pampering? We'll be telling you how to do a salon style facial at home.

It is said that after a certain point of time in your life, you should be getting regular facials done. Ideally this should be after you turn 25, and you should be getting a facial once every month. But not everyone can afford this, or they may not have the time and patience of going to a parlor every month.

That is why it is really important to know how to do a salon style facial at home. You will be surprised at just how much of a difference it can make to your face. Your skin will be happier than ever before.

So, here's how you can do a salon style facial at home. You'll save a lot of money and time by doing this!


1. Clean Face:

A clean face is what you'll need to start with. You can either use an oil for this, or your regular face wash. The idea is to get rid of all signs of makeup and dust from the face.


2. Exfoliate:

Use a homemade scrub to exfoliate your skin to help get rid of dead skin cells. The best homemade scrub can be made quite easily using powdered sugar and honey mixed with a little bit of water. When you wash your face make sure you remove all the scrub.


3. Face Massage:

Gently massage your face with your fingertips. This increases blood circulation on the face, which refreshes the skin and even helps prevent signs of ageing and wrinkles. Focus specifically on the under eye area, as this area tends to be the driest and shows signs of ageing fastest.


4. Steam:

Steaming your face helps open up the pores to get rid of impurities that had been stuck in the pores. It also gives you a healthy glow. You can add a few drops of any essential oil to make it into a herbal steam.


5. Face Mask:

Plain, raw honey makes the best kind of face mask for all skin types. It is moisturisng and anti-bacterial in nature. Apart from these, you can use any store bought face mask as well, if you want.


6. Tone:

Once your rinse off the mask, use a toner. Apply this on your face using a cotton ball. This helps shrink the pores back to their normal size, and to bring back the pH level of the face.


7. Moisturise:

Moisturising your face is a must no matter what your skin type, even if it is oily. Let the moisturiser get absorbed into your skin.

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