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5 Incredible Dermatologist Tips For Healthy Skin

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When you visit a dermatologist, notice her skin. We bet you, she will have a flawless-looking skin, which will take your breath away.

And, if you thought that the reason behind her spotless skin was all the creams that she provides you with, it is completely a lie. Recent studies have shown that dermatologists look after their skin with care in the most natural way.

5 Incredible Dermatologist Tips For Healthy Skin

They too turn to home remedies and natural ingredients to extend the signs of ageing and to decrease the age spots on their face.

Every day, most of the dermatologists follow a rule to wash and cleanse their skin before going to bed, even if it has to be only removing the eye makeup or the lip shade.

Sleeping on a silk pillow and applying a coat of homemade cream to soothen the skin are some of the skin care tips that they follow.

If you want to achieve a natural and gorgeous skin, it is time you steal some of these dermatologist tips. They are easy to use and totally inexpensive as well, so it is worth your time and energy:

That Eye Cream Is Important

That Eye Cream Is Important: The eyelid skin is the thinnest and most delicate skin and shows age the fastest. So, if you want to look after your skin just like how the dermatologist does, apply that eye cream to prevent bags and saggy, droopy eyes.

Do You Sleep On Silk?

Do You Sleep On Silk?: Sleeping on silk pillows will prevent you from getting wrinkles, stunned? Well, according to a research, silk doesn't cause a wrinkle beneath your face while sleeping, unlike cotton pillow cases, which imprint the mark for wrinkles to appear.

Rainbow Foods For Your Beauty

Rainbow Foods For Your Beauty: Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants that provide a glow to your skin. Add fruits that are high in vitamins and vegetables that are high in nutrients to help look after your skin with love and care. These foods work miracles on your skin and they treat it from within.

Opt For Headphones

Opt For Headphones: You should know that your mobile is a pool of bacteria, which is the sole reason for the breakouts to appear. If you want to look after your skin, the next time you receive a phone call, opt for the headphones.

Are You In Love With Sugar?

Are You In Love With Sugar?: Sugar is not only unhealthy to consume, it is also bad for the skin. When you eat sugar-based foods, the molecules tend to stiffen the collagen, which is a protein that helps in keeping the skin healthy. So, if you cut down on the sugar intake, there is a possibility for you to extend the signs of ageing that is the onset of wrinkles.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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