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Do You Need Sunscreen On Cloudy Days? Find Out Now!

By Riddhi

Sunscreen is a part of most skin care regimens. And if it isn't, it definitely should be. But there is a very common question asked, and that is if you need sunscreen on cloudy days, when it's not even sunny. Well, keep reading to find out.

Sunscreen is said to help reduce the early signs of ageing and even the chances of appearance of spots. And in this day and age, it is a very important need.

Sunscreen helps reduce the chances of pigmentation and tanning. And uneven skin is something that we all detest to the core. On cloudy days, most women think it is okay to skip sunscreen because the whole point of using sunscreen is to protect yourself from the sun, right?

Wrong! The ozone hole is even larger on cloudy days, which makes it easier for the UV rays to enter, and hence your skin is in more danger of being affected.

Did you know that using a good sunscreen can help you prevent skin cancer? So, remember to always use a sunscreen, be it rain or shine.

Here's what all a good sunscreen should do, take a look:

1. SPF/UVB Protection: The SPF level tells you how long you can go without getting burnt in the sun, for example an SPF of 15, says you can go out for 150 minutes without burning. People with fair skin may need a higher level of SPF, like 30 or 60.

2. Non Greasy: Good sunscreens need be non greasy, so they don't attract dust and leave an oily film on the skin.

3. UVA Protection: Look for a sunscreen that has at least one of these ingredients: zinc oxide, ecamsule, avobenzone, oxybenzone or titanium oxide. All of these ingredients help fight the UVA rays.

4. Kid Friendly: It should be safe enough to be used by kids as well, which means it would be gentle on the skin.

5. Water And Sweat Resistant: It obviously needs to be water and sweat resistant, in case you are going exercising or swimming.

6. Good Brand: It has to be from a good brand, as you should never take risks with sunscreen. Go for a medically trusted brand and never ever for a cosmetic brand.

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