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DIY Beetroot Face Mask For A Natural Glow On Your Face

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For years now, beetroot is being considered a culinary must have, be it using it as a relish or in a dessert.

But, very few people know that apart from being a superfood, beetroot is also an exceptional natural remedy for a multitude of skin problems. There is mounting evidence that proves this claim.

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It contains a pigment called betalain, which is replete with antioxidants. These antioxidants have amazing rejuvenating properties that can help you get a flawless skin.

DIY face mask for natural glow

Be it reducing pores, lightening blemishes, banishing acne or evening the skin tone, beetroot can effectively tackle most of the skin problems. Most importantly, it heals the skin from the inside.

Specially, when it comes to lightening the skin and imparting a natural glow, time and again it has proven to be a potent remedy.

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Including a beetroot skin-lightening face mask in your beauty regime can work wonders on your skin.

Timely application of this face mask will help you say good-bye to the cosmetics that you rely on for getting an even tone. Additionally, it also imparts a natural rosy glow on to your face.

The ingredients needed for this face mask are beetroot juice, milk cream and gram flour.


DIY face mask for natural glow

1 tablespoon of beetroot juice
1 tablespoon of milk cream
1 tablespoon of gram flour

Directions To Use:

First of all, you will have to grate a beetroot. Squeeze the grated beetroot in a bowl to collect its juice. Take 1 tablespoon of the juice and add the other ingredients to it. Mix it well to make a fine paste.

Applying this face pack twice in a week will impart a pinkish glow on your face and lighten the blemishes and other dark spots. It is a simple and highly effective way of getting a natural glow on your face.

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