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Deadly Reasons Why You Should Not Share Your Lip Balm!

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Who knew that our favourite lip balm has such dark secrets! Especially if you are in the habit of sharing it with your girl pal.

Oh, that's a cool new shade, can I try it? Hey girl! I forgot my chapstick. Can I have yours? The lip colour is not working with my look, give me yours. Stop sharing your lip balm like it's your day job! And definitely not with a stranger; you never know where their lips have been. Here are some mind-boggling reasons why you should avoid sharing your lip balm.

There are only two ways to use a lip balm - the person will either rub it directly on her lips or take a tiny swab in her bacteria teeming fingers, and both are bad news!

Wondering what exactly happens when you share your lip products? Here is what -

reasons to avoid sharing lip balm

Bacteria Love Tango
This is the most important reason why you should avoid sharing your lip balm. Your lips have extensive blood vessels just under the surface. Anything you apply on the thin membrane of the lips automatically gets passed on to your system through the bloodstream, which includes the bacteria.

reasons to avoid sharing lip balm

Viruses Live For Weeks
Even if it has been a few days, since the lip product was last used by your friend, take a note of this - viruses attach themselves onto the lip balm and survive on it for weeks. So, if unfortunately, the person who used it earlier was suffering from cold, even a mild one, they are pretty-much passing it on to you!

reasons to avoid sharing lip balm

Herpes Alert
Another deadly reason to avoid sharing lip balm! If the person using your lip balm has a slight break in the skin or chapped lips and happens to suffer from mouth ulcers or worse herpes virus, there is a very good chance you will contract it. And just wiping the surface and reusing it is not enough. Throw the product away and if you are in a dire situation, simply slice the top off!

reasons to avoid sharing lip balm

Don't Let Makeup Artists Touch You With Their Lipsticks
If you are a bride to be, ready to take on the day with that perfect makeup, here is a little tip for you! NEVER, we repeat, never, let the artist touch your lips with his lip products. Chances are it has been on 10 other lips before you! The right way to do is to use a clean lip brush or cotton swab to apply the lip colour. The same rule goes when you try out lipsticks at a beauty counter! Now, you know why we insisted sharing lip balm is a bad idea?

reasons to avoid sharing lip balm

Hands Are Breeding Ground Too
People think using fingers is more sanitized and a less risky way of sharing lip balm. Well, it is not. If your lips have 40% bacteria, your hands will have 80%. There is no safe way to go about it. There are a few things, best kept to yourself, and your lip products are one of those! So, be a snob if you have to, say No!

reasons to avoid sharing lip balm

Lip Fact
If the above-mentioned reasons to avoid sharing lip balm did not convince you, nothing will. To further widen your knowledge on lip products, here are fact checks for you!

Lip balm does not moisture your lips, it just traps the existing moisture to prevent it from getting chapped.
Fragrances used in your chapstick tend to be synthetic, which slough off the top layer of your lips, leaving it exposed and raw. Camphor, that gives a waxy texture to the lip balm tends to be toxic, especially for the children!

Hope this article told you exactly what happens when you share your lip balm; if you have any more reasons, feel free to add on to the list!

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