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Tips To Take Care Of Dry Skin During Monsoons

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Dry skin can be itchy and uncomfortable. Further, scratching this type of dry skin can lead to a flaky skin and red sores that can end up being quite painful.

But along with the discomfort, there is an aesthetic factor associated with it. It can end up looking very unsightly. Dry, flaky and cracked skin can look really bad, especially during the monsoons, when one doesn't wish to keep all the skin covered.

Even when covered, these flakes tend to fall on our clothes making it look really disgusting.

easy skincare hacks

Dry and flaky skin is mostly a sign of a lack of omega 3 fatty acids in our diet. So, the first step to combat dry skin is to incorporate foods that are rich in these nutrients, like fish and almonds.

The next step would be to remain hydrated from the inside by drinking a lot of water and having at least one fruit everyday.

By following these easy everyday tips given below, you'll surely get rid of dry and flaky skin all over your body and will no longer be embarrassed to go out wearing clothes that expose your skin:

easy skincare hacks
  • Exfoliate: Use a scrub made of brown sugar and olive oil to get rid of the flaky dead skin. The olive oil acts as a protective moisturiser against the sugar.
  • Use body oils to massage: Massage an oil, either coconut or olive oil or even baby oil into your skin before stepping into the shower. This really helps to provide relief from the pain associated with dry skin.
  • Use a shower gel: Use a gentle shower gel that isn't too strongly scented. Avoid any gels that have sparkles in them or are very bright in colour. These could harm the skin further. Try to stick to brands that are dermatologically tested.
easy skincare hacks
  • Use a moisturiser: Immediately after the shower use a moisturiser made for extremely dry skin all over your body. Body butters are really good for people with severely dry skin as they keep the skin moisturised all day long. Make sure you put it on all over, especially in places like the thighs and stomach area that are especially susceptible to flaking.

That's all you need to do to ensure your skin does not become dry and flaky. So take out a little bit of time everyday to do these things to get a soft and smooth skin .

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