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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Pop A Pimple

You woke up in a good mood feeling determined to take on the world. You look in the mirror and...dang! There it is, a mammoth-sized zit on your face. And suddenly, your entire world revolves around that annoying pimple.

Within seconds you come to the decision that you must get rid of it. And the best way to do it would be to pop it out.

Other than hurting and causing a discomfort in its wake, you find out that popping the pimple has left a nasty scar on your face. You try to slather concealer on top of that scar, but nothing seems to work.

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Did that sound like something you've experienced in the past or are going through at the moment? If yes, then do read on.

Pimples are the annoying skin condition that can flare up anytime. They come unannounced and can single-handedly bring down your beauty quotient and self-confidence.

These occur when the sebaceous glands in your skin get infected by some harmful bacteria. This infection further causes an inflammation.

Moreover, it usually stays for quite some time, which is why, people prefer to squeeze them out to get an instant relief.

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Though it is hard to resist the temptation to pop a pimple, be mindful of the fact that the consequences of doing it can cause a great damage to your skin.

So, today at Boldsky, we've compiled a list of reasons why you should never pop a pimple. Take a look at these.


1. It Will Leave A Nasty Scar

Squeezing a zit can leave behind a nasty scar, which could be hard to hide even with layers of cosmetics. If you try to get rid of a pimple by doing something natural, then it might take time, but at least it won't cause scarring on your face.


2. Can Cause Infection

When you squeeze a pimple, it releases a gooey pus. This gooey pus can cause further infect other parts of the skin. Also, when you squeeze a zit, you make it exposed. This can attract a host of bacteria and cause a severe infection to your skin.


3. Can Worsen The Inflammation

Squeezing a zit is like man-handling your delicate skin. All that force and squeezing can cause an irreparable damage to your skin. At times, it worsens the inflammation and makes the pimple appear even bigger.


4. Can Leave Behind A Scab

Scabs are an undeniable by-product of popping a pimple. Also, they're harder to conceal with cosmetics when compared to an actual pimple. And it goes without saying that these scabs can greatly hamper your entire appearance.


5. Takes More Time To Heal

A normal pimple would usually take a week to go away. But, when you pop that pimple, it takes a longer time to heal. Not to forget, the scarring that it causes, which can take even longer.


6. Creates More Pimples

The main reason why anyone pops a pimple is to get rid of it. But, this only makes matters worse. The gooey puss from one pimple can cause the formation of other pimples on your skin.


7. Can Cause Skin Discolouration

Many people who've made the mistake of popping a pimple with their hands have found out that the skin area around that popped zit tends to become dark. It is a kind of pigmentation that occurs after a pimple is popped.

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Story first published: Friday, June 10, 2016, 10:32 [IST]