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    6 Ways To Make A Zit Vanish Overnight

    By Riddhi

    We are all victims to having zits and pimples. And, no matter how old we get, they can crop up again. Pimples and acne are not specialised to our teenage years. So, here we have some tried and tested ways to get rid of pimples overnight.

    All of these methods are safe and tested by us! These are best if you do them on pimples that are brand new. And do avoid the temptation of popping or touching the pimples. This seems like an easy way out, but it would mostly make it worse and leave behind scars.

    Moreover, popping pimples can make the area burn and even bleed. Do you want that? No, right? So, please avoid touching them. Instead, try out these amazing remedies. They actually work really well.

    Just be patient and try out these tested remedies ways to get rid of acne fast. Most of these work by drying the area out.

    Do keep in mind that over-drying the area would only make it flaky and red. So, use these remedies in moderation.

    Take a look at the methods below.


    1. Tea Tree Oil:

    This is definitely the best method for banishing pimples and nasty zits. We have seen results overnight with this. You'd feel a mild tingling sensation when you use it, however, it means that it's working!


    2. Toothpaste:

    Another miracle method, toothpaste has hydrogen peroxide that helps dry up the pimple. Again, we have personally seen results with this.


    3. Calamine Lotion:

    Calamine has a type of clay in it that helps dry out the area and reduce inflammation and itching. This is one of the quick and best ways to make a zit vanish overnight.


    4. Multani Mitti:

    Multani mitti or Fuller's earth absorbs excessive oil from the face and dries up the pimple overnight. You could try this home remedy for zits to drive out those issues for good.


    5. Coconut Oil:

    Yes, an oil can actually help get rid of pimples overnight. Dab on some coconut oil over the zit, leave it overnight and watch it disappear the next day.


    6. Aloe Vera:

    Aloe vera gel can help soothe the zit and bring down inflammation to a great extent. So, use aloe vera on the zit and leave it overnight to see the zit vanish in the morning.

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