What Happens When You Massage Your Face

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Glowing skin transforms your appearance and gives a boost to your confidence levels. Dull skin may rob you of your confidence levels.

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Let not your skin worries depress you as you can work on it like the way you work on any other aspect of your life.Yes, healthy skin is a product of efforts though genetics do have a say in the bigger picture.

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Massaging your face is one big thing that can change the fate of your skin. Apart from feeding your skin with the right nutrients, if you can reap the benefits of face massage, your looks may surely change.What are the benefits of massaging your face? Read on to know about them.


Benefit #1

Yes, a massage can make your skin glow. Regular massages can gradually boost the health of your skin. Irrespective of your complexion, healthy skin always looks attractive.


Benefit #2

Age brings in wrinkles and takes away the glow of your skin. This is mainly due to the low collagen levels. Facial massage can help your skin produce collagen and thereby prevent wrinkles.


Benefit #3

Loose and sagging skin ruin your looks. Regular massages can give your skin a lift. Try and see the difference.


Benefit #4

Cosmetics can temporarily make yous skin look good but regular massages can beautify your skin in a natural way.


Benefit #5

Do you know that a face massage done with healing ingredients can ligthen your skin? Well, this is one of the benefits of face massage.


Benefit #6

Using home ingredients and face massages, you can even combat acne in a natural way without using a single cream.


Benefit #7

Yes, you can beat stress with a massage. In fact, your mood becomes relaxed after a massage even if it is just a facial massage.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 10, 2015, 4:30 [IST]
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