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Ways To Fix Patchy Beard

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Beard is considered as a manly symbol of dignity and wisdom. But unfortunately, not all are gifted with thick beards. Some men have patchy beard that gives an odd look. Clean shave is probably the choice of men who are not confident about their beard growth. There are many best ways to fix a patchy beard.

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Lack of density of beards is mainly due to genetic reasons. According to experts, some men have patchy beards even without any genetic issues. This may be due to unhealthy environment or diet. Any health conditions or medicine intake that affects hair follicles will result in patchy beard. Age and hormone levels also play key roles in this.

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Don’t worry, you can find a number of ways to fix patchy beard. You can work out to get a thicker and non patchy beard. Nowadays, patchy beards have become a hot topic and many have come up with solutions and tips. Here, we will have an open discussion on some of the best ways to fix a patchy beard.



One of the ways to fix patchy beard is brushing. Try to comb your beard downwards with soft bristles and it helps to control the direction of hair growth as well as gives a uniform appearance to your beard.


Trimming And Shaving:

Trimming and shaving the beard in some areas will help to feel it full. Just figure out a shape for your beard first and trim it carefully to hide patches. Creating sharp edges will give an impression of fullness.


Size Matters:

Medium size hairs are the worst option that will make your beard look patchy. Go for short stubbles or for long beards. Long beards will help to hide the patches very efficiently.


Consult An Expert:

Doing it daily makes it an easy task for professionals in the men's salon. With their expertise and experience, they can suggest better ideas to decide on the shape of your beard, that will hide patches to its best.


Beard Growth Cream:

Another best way to fix a patchy beard is to use growth creams. You can find many branded creams that allow your follicles to grow faster and clear the patches or bald spots on your beard.


Kajal Sticks:

This may sound funny. But in reality, this is one of the easiest and effective solutions to fix a patchy beard. Just darken the patchy area and make sure that you keep the even look. But remember, use this only for very small area.


Beard Oil:

Nowadays, beard oil is available to enhance the growth of beard. It nourishes your follicles and helps the growth of hair. Beard oil also nourishes the skin of the face which supports healthy and thick hair.



Transplantation technique can be used to have a patchless and thick beard. In this method, a strong follicle from head or back of the body will be used to grow beard in the patchy area by surgery. Don't worry, there will be no scar left behind.

Try out any of the above said ways and have an attractive manly beard. Do you have any suggestions? Do share with us.

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Story first published: Monday, September 14, 2015, 4:02 [IST]
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