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8 Tips To Get Ready In Just One Minute

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After a long tiring day at work, it is a tedious task in getting ready instantly for parties, events, nigh outs,etc. The face becomes dull, eyes become puffy and the body gets exhausted. How to get an instant glow and energy boost at such instances? Now, you need not worry or spend a lot of time in dressing yourself up-to-date, after a tiring day. In this article, we at Boldsky will reveal to you some secrets on getting a nice glow on your face within a minute.

One Minute Makeup Tips

These tips will make your eyes look brighter, remove face inflammation, calm your nerves and make your face glowing. When we sit for long hours, the blood circulation gets impaired, and thus there is a decreased oxygen supply to the face and all other organs. This makes us look dull, tired and exhausted.

10 Simple Beauty Remedies With Besan

Now, it is not impossible to feel relaxed, beautiful and full of energy after a tiring day. Use these instant beauty tips that will make you look gorgeous and alive after coming home from a tiring day at work. Have a look at some instant beauty tips that you can do in just one minute.


Drink A Large Glass Of Water

At the end of a tiring day at work, you will be a little dehydrated. This will make you look dull and lifeless. Your eyes also look puffy and your lips look dry. If you have to attend a party after work, drink a glass of water to look lively. Water quickly hydrates your body and improves your look, making you feel good.


Wear A Dark Lipstick

If you have no time for makeup, the best tip to look glamorous would be to wear a dark-shade lipstick. Wearing a dark-coloured lipstick will draw attention towards your lips and will mask or hide away the dull skin. Your eyes will look brighter and it will boost your confidence.


Rub An Ice Cube On Your Face

To get ready instantly, rub an ice cube on your face gently for a few seconds. It will blush up your face and make you look fresh. It will also close the opened skin pores and reduce inflammation. Rubbing ice cube under your arms during summer season is also a great way to soothe the skin. This will cool down your entire body.


Neck Massage

To increase the blood flow to your face, massage your neck gently for a minute. Tiredness will restrict the blood flow to your face, as the muscles in your neck will get tightened. Massaging will loosen up the neck muscles and will make you look brighter and glowing.


Peppermint Oil Inhalation

Rub some peppermint oil on the palms of your hands and inhale it. It has a soothing effect and will calm down your nerves. It will also increase the blood flow to your brain, as the nasal passages get cleared by inhaling it. As a result, your look also gets improved.


Do A Mini Workout

A mini workout just for a minute will increase blood circulation and oxygen supply to your body parts, including your face. You can jog, jump or have a brisk walk to increase the blood flow. It will also make your face blush and you can do away with makeup.


Sprinkle Some Rose Water

Rose water will cleanse, tone and reduce inflammation on your face. Always carry a spray bottle of rose water with you, especially when you are travelling long distances away from home. Rose water instantly makes your skin glow and gets you ready for any event.


Apply Some Highlighter To The Corners Of Your Eyes

Apply a touch of highlighter or a silver shade to the inner corners of your eyes. This will open up your eyes and you will get a refreshed look. Apply it using your finger and blend well.



Not only your face but also your body needs to get pampered once in a while. After all, a healthy body leads to a healthy skin. Having a banana will make you feel energetic, full of life and also remove dullness from your face. After eating a banana, rub the insides of the banana peel on to your skin. Wash your face thoroughly to get a toned and glowing skin. This is one of the best tip to get ready in one minute.

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