The Beauty Secrets Of Chinese Women

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Chinese women have flawless and baby-soft skin. Most of us would love to have skin like that. That is why we wonder about their beauty secrets. In this post, let us discuss about the beauty secrets of Chinese women. Yes, you must try them out!

Beauty Secrets Of Asian Women

Chinese women make use of ancient skin care methods and avoid the use of chemical products. They take their own time for skin care. They have their own beauty rules and never tweak them for convenience.

Chinese women never skip beauty steps like we do. For example, we use a product that serves the purpose of both scrub and face wash but Chinese women will never do that.

Proper sleep is also given importance in the Chinese beauty regime. They sleep in between 11 pm to 2 pm. It is the time when sleep helps to work on your wrinkles and ageing signs.

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Apart form oils and creams, Chinese people also make use of herbs, spices and condiments in their foods. These natural herbs such as garlic also play an important role in keeping you young and healthy.

Here are some Chinese beauty secrets that you must use at home.


Moong Bean Face Masks

To treat puffy face and acne, Chinese women use moong bean face mask. This face mask is made by grinding moong beans to form a paste. Apply this paste on your face and keep it for 15 minutes. You can also mix moong dal paste with a teaspoon of yogurt to make it more effective. This is one of the best beauty secrets of Chinese women.


Rice Water As Skin Toner

To get rice water, soak rice in a bowl of water until the water turns milky. Apply the water on your face using a cotton ball. You can also refrigerate the rice water and use it for a few more days. It will close the open pores on your skin, makes the skin even and tones it.


Cleanse Face With Oil

Chinese girls use oil instead of facial cleanser. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc to remove dirt and excess oil from your face. You must have heard that "like dissolves like"; in the same way, oil dissolves excess oil and dirt on your face. Apart from this, these oils make your face glowing and moisturised.


Avoid Multipurpose Skin Products

Nowadays, we all use skin care products that serve many purposes. These products are not very effective as compared to products that are meant only for one purpose. The Chinese beauty regime consists of different steps which are to be followed as a ritual. They never skip any of the beauty steps.


Skin Brushing

This might be a new thing for you, but Chinese girls do skin brushing frequently. In this technique, a soft brush is gently rubbed over the skin to remove dead cells and increase blood circulation. Skin brushing also makes your skin more permeable to lotions, creams and oils.


Regular Facials

Chinese girls spend plenty of time on a professional facial. They do facial weekly and their facial includes natural herbs, essential flower oils and kimono silk. You can also do facials at home, if you can't make it at the salon. Use all natural ingredients and make sure to do it frequently.


Facial Massages

This is another important beauty ritual of Chinese women. Massaging your face increases blood circulation, removes dead cells, clears acne marks and prevents wrinkles. You must massage your face with natural massage oils.


Camellia Nut Oil

This oil is obtained from the nuts of the Camellia shrub. It is applied on skin and hair. It increases hair growth, makes hair lustrous and thick. This oil is absorbed easily deep into the skin layers and nourishes the skin cells from inside.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 11:33 [IST]
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