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10 Homemade Night Creams For Skin Whitening

By Staff

Do you want to become fair overnight? Then here are a handful of skin whitening creams you can apply tonight.

These homemade night creams for your skin are effective and have no negative reactions. Those who have sensitive skin can use these skin whitening creams too.

With the help of kitchen ingredients, using these lotions on your skin will also help to remove problems other than dark skin.

homemade night cream for skin whitening

If you have been suffering from acne and rashes, the use of these night creams will wash away your problems.

On the other hand, these home remedies for skin whitening have been used over the years and experts state that using remedies to improve skin tone will help in the long run.

When you take a look at these homemade night creams for skin whitening you will see that most of the recipes have lemon juice.

Lemon is one of the safest ingredients which helps to bleach the skin overnight. The acid present in lemon has the ability to remove acne scars too.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these awesome homemade night creams for skin whitening.


Olive Oil Trick

Olive oil, coconut oil and one capsule of fish oil for Vitamin E is used in the making of this night cream for fair skin. Use this application of ingredients for one week to see results.


The Power Of Rose Water

With the help of rose water and coconut oil you can become fair overnight in about three weeks. Rose water helps to improve your skin tone and coconut oil makes your skin supple.


Cocoa Butter

Coco butter mixed with virgin oil is one of the best homemade night creams for skin whitening. You can use this combination for 2 weeks to improve skin tone.


Green Tea Does Wonders

Did you know that green tea does magic when it comes to improving skin tone. In a cup of green tea, add coconut oil, lemon and almond oil. The application is used once in a week as a face mask to make your dark skin fair.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the best and safest skin creams you can use on your face to improve complexion. Aloe vera and lavender oil is mixed together to make a pack. It is then used on your face and left overnight for skin whitening.


Milk Cream

The best homemade night cream for fair skin is milk cream. Using milk cream on your face and left overnight is one of the ways to improve skin tone.


Apple Night Cream

Did you know that apple juice can make you fair overnight? Apple juice with rose water is made into one mixture and used as a night pack for your skin.


Almond Cream

To make a homemade night cream for skin whitening try this recipe - almond oil, lemon juice, turmeric powder, sandalwood powder. Mix these ingredients well and use it as a pack application before you sleep tonight.


Avocado Night Cream

You can use avocado on your skin to improve the tone. It is an overnight pack which also helps to remove scars and lighten wrinkles.


Lemon Pack

Nothing can beat a lemon pack to help you become fair overnight. Lemon is mixed with yogurt, the application is then used on your skin.

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