Skin Remedies With Coconut Oil

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Is coconut oil good for your skin? Yes, it is. It heals your skin and moisturises it well. In fact, if you are not going out on the weekends, it is a good idea to apply oil to your entire body and hair and take a hot shower.

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Also, skin care with coconut oil is simple and inexpensive. We all know that the beauty products that we use are toxic and they are just instant fixes for skin issues. Natural remedies can address skin issues deeply and effectively that too without side effects.

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Now, let us discuss about some skin remedies with coconut oil.


In Make Up

If you wish to highlight your cheekbones without using a highlighter, simply smear a drop of coconut oil over there and see its effect.


Soothe Your Dry Hands

The most inexpensive and effective moisturiser for your dry hands is coconut oil. Just try it once.


Preventing Skin Issues

Coconut oil has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Using it often on your skin can prevent many skin issues.



Before shaving your legs, apply some coconut oil over there. Firstly, it is anti-microbial and it also makes your skin smooth and acts as a lubricant when you start shaving.



Before you go for head bath, apply some coconut oil on your hair and then wash your hair. Your hair will look shiny and healthy.


Make Up Remover

In order to use coconut oil to remove makeup, simply use a cotton ball to dip in the oil and rub the places around the eyes.



Massaging your skin regularly with coconut oil can slow down the ageing signs on your skin.

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