Simple Ways To Remove Tan With Green Tea

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Sun tan is a common health issue, especially for those who have to spend more time outdoors. Skin care needs special attention during summer due to the harmful rays of sun. Protecting your skin with sunscreen can help a lot, but this is not practical for some people in some occupations. But, the happy news is that sun tan can be removed easily if you spend some time and efforts to care your skin.

Green tea is one of the most common natural remedies for treating sun tan and skin blemishes. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and the cooling effect of a cold tea bag will leave you fresh and active. When covering your whole body is not at all a feasible option during the hot summer, the best idea is to try some simple ways to remove tan with green tea.

When you are exposed to sunlight, the melanin pigment in your skin will increase to act as a protection shield against UV light. But, the bad side of this is the redness, stinging sensation and that dull look. If you're wondering how to remove tan with green tea, here are some ideas. Let us discuss some of the effective simple ways to remove tan with green tea.

Sun Tan On Skin

Green Tea Bags
Keep some green tea bags in the freezer. Apply this on the affected skin and leave it for some time. The cooling effect of the green tea bag, along with its effective anti-oxidant effect, will do wonders on your skin. If you are doubtful about how to remove tan with green tea, try this and see the surprising results.

Sun Tan On Skin

Green Tea Powder
Mix some green tea powder with cold water and make a mixture. Apply this directly on the skin that is exposed to sunlight regularly. This will give you a soothing effect and will act effectively on the sun tan. This is one of the effective and simple ways to remove tan with green tea.

Sun Tan On Skin

Green Tea Steaming
Steaming your face with green tea in the boiling water is an excellent idea to remove sun tan. This will not take much of your time or effort, but is very effective in making your skin look fresh and glowing instantly. This is one of the simple ways to remove tan with green tea.

Green Tea With Oil
Take 2 cups of brewed green tea and cool it. Add one teaspoon of essential oil. Mix this well and add this to a spray bottle. Spray this on the areas that are affected by sun exposure.

Sun Tan On Skin

Green Tea Face Mask
All that you need for making this skin-friendly face mask is one or two bags of green tea, baking soda and honey. Mix these ingredients together and apply it in the areas where you have sun tan.

Green Tea Scrub
Gently scrubbing the skin with sun tan is an effective idea to get rid of the dead cells. Mix some granulated sugar and green tea in water. Apply this to the area with sun tan and scrub in a gentle circular motion.

Now, stop worrying on how to remove tan with green tea and try these simple tips.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 14, 2015, 20:01 [IST]
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