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Skin lightening is nothing but lightening the tone of the skin by a couple of shades. In other words, giving the skin a brighter appearance. Skin lightening can be done by using or following several techniques such as skin peeling, facials, skin creams and expensive lotions that promise to provide a lighter skin tone. However, these products can harm the skin with their harsh chemicals, and, therefore, it is always better to use natural remedies. These remedies are mild on the skin and are highly effective in lightening the skin tone.

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Uneven skin tone is a product of poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Over exposure of the skin to harmful sun rays can make the skin look worse, dry and dull. Dull skin makes one look less attractive. Therefore, everybody wants a clear, glowing and lighter skin these days. The solution for this is hidden right in your kitchen. There are a handful of home remedies available to make the skin fairer. In this article, we at Boldsky are listing out some of the best ways to lighten your skin tone at home. Read on, try it and notice the difference.


Lemon Juice

The acidic nature of lemon juice works wonders in lightening the skin instantly. It is considered as a natural bleaching agent for its skin-whitening property without causing any damage to the skin. Regular use of lemon juice can make the skin look visibly fairer in a matter of few days.



The ingredients present in potatoes not only lighten the skin tone but also reduce dark circles. Cut few slices of a potato, gently rub it on to your face. Keep it for sometime and rinse with normal water. Try this procedure thrice a week for effective results.


Milk Powder And Honey

Milk powder and honey is the best combination that can make the skin fairer. Honey soothes the skin, acts as a toner and hydrates the skin well. When mixed with milk power, it works as a skin-lightening agent.


Oatmeal And Tomatoes:

Oatmeal and tomatoes are yet another products that can make the skin miraculously fair. Make a paste of oatmeal and tomatoes. Apply it on the clean face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse.


Red Sandalwood Powder

Red sandalwood powder rejuvenates the skin tone and adds a nice glow to the skin by making it look fairer. Apply the paste of red sandalwood. Leave it on for sometime and rinse.


Gram Flour And Milk

Gram flour and milk is an age-old remedy to get fairer skin. Make a paste of gram flour by adding a required amount of milk. Apply this on to the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse throughly.


Mint And Basil Leaves

A combination of mint and basil helps in fighting acne by lightening the skin tone. Make a paste of mint and basil leaves. Apply this on to the face and rinse after sometime to get a flawless skin tone. Follow this procedure once a week for best results.

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Story first published: Friday, December 4, 2015, 15:05 [IST]
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