How To Remove Makeup With Olive Oil

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Can you use olive oil to remove makeup? Of course, yes. Along with removing makeup, this oil can also benefit your skin in many ways.

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Actually, almond oil and castor oil can also be used to remove makeup. In this post, let us talk about using olive oil to remove makeup.

When you are removing makeup, your main challenges are carefully removing the mascara and the eyeliner. Olive oil can effectively do that and more. In fact, the anti-oxidants in it can protect your skin every time you use it on your skin.

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The best thing is, you can remove makeup with olive oil and in the process, the oil nourishes your skin and prevents wrinkles. Especially, those who have dry skin can use oils to remove makeup as it helps their skin more.



Firstly, take some olive oil into your hands and start applying it on your face gently.



When you massage olive oil on your face, focus more around the eyes and the skin skin below the eyes. Carefully handle those areas and ensure that the oil doesn't get into your eyes.



Now, take a few drops of rose water in a plate and dip some cotton in it. Use it to carefully rub your face in order to remove the layer of makeup.


Step# 4

If you have the habit of using mascara, use a few more drops of olive oil around your eyes.


Step# 5

Now, it is time to wash your face. Splash some warm water on your face and carefully pat your skin while washing.


Use Castor Oil

People with dry skin can also add castor oil in olive oil. If you are using 3 spoons of olive oil, you can mix one spoon of castor oil to it. This mixture helps remove makeup from dry skin.


Feeling Greasy?

After using olive oil, if your skin becomes extremely greasy, then this method is not for you. Leaving your skin greasy may lead to acne breakouts.

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Story first published: Monday, October 26, 2015, 21:04 [IST]
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