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Home Remedies To Brighten Pale Skin


There are different remedies for pale skin which can help one to enhance their skin tone. Pale skin is not something that you have to adjust with. It is something that is bad, not only for your beauty, but also for your health. Pale skin is often due to pallor. In a country like India, the most common cause of pallor is iron deficiency anaemia. If you have anaemia, it is sure that you will find that your skin is really tired and dull.

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Why haven't you given a thought on home remedies for pale skin? If not, then now is the time. You may have tried all and everything like using more makeup and getting more sleep, but this might not do the trick. You will need that extra something which will make your face look brighter, other than the commercially available cosmetics. Using cosmetics outside your skin will not be a good choice when your actual problem is inside your red cells.

Concentrate more on including iron rich food (which are helpful for bright skin) in your diet and along with that you can try some home remedies to become fair, not pale. Home remedies to brighten dull skin are the best option. The skin colour of a person depends on various factors, of which the main thing is the pigment melanin which is produced by the skin cells.

Here we may discuss some easy and effective home remedies to become to get that extra glow on your face.


Milk is one of the excellent home remedies to become fairer. It is a rich source of calcium. Calcium will stimulate the melanocytes, which produces the melanin pigment. Applying milk on the skin will also retain the moisture in the skin. Moisturising your skin is very important because dry skin will look paler.

Rice Powder

Asian women, for ages have been using rice powder and rice water for toning the skin and whitening it. This also acts as a natural sunscreen. This contains products which when consumed increases the vitamin C in the body and provides an excellent protection from the sun. This is one of the home remedies to brighten dull skin.

Lemon Juice

Home remedies to become fair will include using lemon juice. There are a lot of natural astringent in lemon with bleaching properties. This works great, especially when the skin is oily. Being rich in Vitamin C, lemon juice will help in the production of new skin, getting rid of the dullness on the skin. This will also help in tightening the pores.

Mulberry Extract

Home remedies to become fair will surely include mulberry extract. As this has the ability to regulate tyrosinase activity, this is the main determinant of the melanin production of the skin. There are many more properties that the mulberry extract possess which are beneficial for the skin. This is also used in the making of many cosmetic products.

Aloe Vera

Aloesin in the aloe vera plant also regulate the tyrosinase activity, which controls the melanin production of the skin. Aloe gel will help in lightening the skin. With the many anti-oxidants properties, this can also help in giving your skin a very smooth texture. This is one of the home remedies to brighten dull skin.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 5, 2015, 23:48 [IST]
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