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Best Fruit And Vegetable Pack For Glowing Skin

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Juicy, luscious and rejuvenating – this is what fruits are to our internal system. Vegetables are packed with fiber and keep the digestive tract healthy. Both fruits and vegetables contain loads of vitamins and minerals that perform a plethora of functions in keeping our bodies in good shape. If you want to get additional benefits from these colorful ingredients, consider applying them externally.

When you want the best fruit and vegetable pack for glowing skin, do not turn to over the counter products. Instead churn up something in your very own kitchen.

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Maximum number of branded beauty products available in the market claim to have extracts of some or the other fruit. They sound very appealing and hence, are the preferred choice of many. Products are sold to benefit different kinds of skin and to suit different seasons. The best fruit pack for glowing skin for every type of skin is available at your fingertips. You need to just put in a little bit of effort and you have your pack ready.

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Using homemade face packs prepared from fruits and vegetables have benefits which no store bought products can match. One of the most important ones are that you are sure of what you are using. When you buy any branded face pack you get to see a whole list of ingredients with the fruit or vegetable being a small part of it. There would be many ingredients that you cannot even pronounce, let alone understand. And you pay a whopping sum for something you know nothing about. On the other hand, the humble mashed fruit or vegetable available in its pure and safe state. Which one would you prefer?

Given here is a list of some of the best fruit and vegetable packs for glowing skin.



Spread a layer of mashed papaya on your face and let it sit for a fifteen to twenty minutes. The pack will exfoliate the skin, take away impurities and bring about a glow on the face. For added benefits, you can add a teaspoon of honey to the mashed fruit.



Mashed banana on its own or mixed with honey, yogurt or oatmeal makes for a nourishing face pack. Apply on the face and neck area to bring about an even tone on the face and neck. Wash off after fifteen minutes.



Be it the fruit pulp or the peel, this entire fruit does wonders for the skin. Mix the pulp with yogurt and apply as a pack when oranges are in season. Preserve the peels, dry them and grind to a powder to be used when the season gets over.



There are many face washes packed with goodness of strawberry available in the market. Why not make a cleansing pack at home? Mash a couple of strawberries and apply on your entire face and neck. Let it sit for a fifteen to twenty minutes. The cleansing properties of strawberry will clear all skin pores and give your face a charming glow.



When mangoes are in season make the most of them. Mash half a mango, mix with a little milk or yogurt and apply on face and neck. This pack will not only cleanse the skin but also remove dead skin cells and act as a rejuvenating agent.



The goodness of lemon juice for the skin is undisputed. Apply the juice all over the face to cleanse and get a clear tone. Mix with honey and experience a healthy glow.



Want something to firm up sagging skin? Finely grate a potato and apply over the face and neck area. Let it work on your skin for about half an hour. Wash off using tap water.



Soothing, firming, cleansing and refreshing is what cucumber is to the skin. We all know that cucumber has a cooling property and this helps to bring a new life to a dull face. Old skin cells get removed, the pores are cleared and the skin looks younger and brighter.

This was a list of some of the best fruit and vegetable packs for glowing skin using some of the most commonly available ingredients. You can also use other fruits and vegetables as per your choice because each one has something to offer.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 29, 2015, 7:01 [IST]
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