Beauty Tips To Steal From Your Mum

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Don't pluck those eyebrows, don't bleach your hair, don't shave your underarms, don't wax until you're 18... aren't these some of the things every mother told her daughter at some point of time in her life? How many of us actually thought these were some of the classic beauty tips to acknowledge and follow?

Those who followed their mothers' advice on skin care, have impeccable skin today. But, those who didn't pay attention to that brilliant advice, landed in deep trouble with their skin.

Boldsky shares with you some of the best beauty tips to steal from any mom. By following these handful of moms beauty tips, your skin will begin to look flawless and naturally beautiful.

On the other hand, these tips will also protect the skin from looking aged and worn out. So, daughters, if you're reading this, make sure you sit with your mom today and let her spill those beans on her skin care secrets. We are sure those secrets will enable you to have flawless skin in just about no time.

Here are some beauty tips to steal from your mom.


Wash Your Face Regularly

It is important to wash your face with clear running water thrice a day. This helps cleanse your face removing dirt and grime that cause pimples and other skin problems.


Don't Bite Those Nails

Biting those nails is one habit to stop immediately. Chewing or biting nails will damage the nail plate which will cause the cellular bond and connective tissue to break. This will make the nails brittle.


Never Pop That Zit

Popping a pimple will cause more to develop. It is best to treat pimples with effective home remedies.


Don't Forget That Sunscreen

One of the many beauty tips to steal from moms is to look after the skin even when you're out in the sun. No doubt, vitamin D is good for the skin, but too much of it can damage the skin.


Never Comb Wet Hair

Tying up wet hair is not healthy for the scalp as well as the body. Wet hair when tied up, leads to scalp infections and lice infestation.


Eat Those Greens

Green veggies are to be added to your daily diet. Green veggies help in promoting good skin. The properties present in green veggies make your skin glow naturally. It also delays ageing.


Forget That Bleach

Using chemical bleach on the skin and the hair could cause damage. It is advisable to use natural bleaching agents like lemon juice and potato juice.

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