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Ways To Use Saffron To Lighten Skin


Saffron has been quoted as the age old secret of beauty in many legends. In the highlands of India, saffron is a spice cultivated quite widely. Saffron or kesar is in fact one of the most expensive spices to buy. Even a small box of saffron is of great value. It is a well known fact that saffron lightens skin colour. Persians and Kashmirs are living examples of this fact.

So if you want to get fair quickly, you can use saffron to lighten your skin colour. However, it is important to use saffron in the right way to lighten your complexion. The spice saffron comes in the form of strands. These strands need moisture to release their flavour and magical qualities and lighten complexion. Thus, you must always soak saffron strands in water or milk before you use it.

Saffron face packs also have to be made with the right ingredients to get fair quickly. Some ingredients like milk, turmeric and rose water are compatible with saffron. You can use these beauty ingredients with saffron to lighten skin colour. But apart from saffron face packs, there are other ways to use this spice. You can also have saffron with a glass of milk for getting a fair complexion.

These some ways to use saffron to lighten your skin colour.


Saffron In Milk

Strands of saffron used to be mixed with milk and given to young ladies so that their complexion is fair and delicate. Even today, pregnant women are given saffron with milk so that the baby is born fair.


Saffron n Cream Facepack

One of the best accompaniments for saffron is fresh cream. Grind fresh cream with saffron and apply this face pack for 10 minutes. It will give you fair and soft skin.


Saffron Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is another spice that is great for the skin. Apart from making you fair, turmeric also has an antiseptic effect on your skin. Grind turmeric with some saffron strands; apply it on your face. After 10 minutes, wash it off with warm water. You will get acne-free fair skin.


Saffron In Food

Saffron can also be used to add flavour to food. Especially rice picks up the flavour of saffron wonderfully. So try to use saffron in your food as much as you can.


Saffron In Bathing Water

Saffron needs moisture to release its flavour. You can sprinkle some saffron strands in your warm bath water. Then soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes to lighten the skin all over your body.


Saffron Scrub

Mix saffron with sugar and coconut oil. Now scrub your skin with this natural scrub. The granular sugar in the scrub will gently get rid of dead skin cells, and the saffron will lighten skin colour instantly.


Saffron n Rose Water

The Persians soaked saffron strands in rose water to get the best of this spice. You too can soak saffron in rose water and then use it to tone your skin after scrubbing.


Saffron n Sandalwood Paste

Saffron is a spice that increases body heat and thus can cause acne or breakouts. Mixing saffron with sandalwood paste ensures that your skin is cool. This soothing face pack makes you fair and gives you flawless skin.


Saffron, Milk n Honey Face Pack

Mix saffron with 2tbsp of warm milk and leave it for 20 minutes. Then add honey to thicken the paste and apply it on your face. This face pack will give you soft, supple and fair skin.


Saffron Lemon Mask

Do you have a very oil face? Then mix saffron with lemon juice and apply it on your face. This face pack will soak up the excess oil and give you a clean fair complexion.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 29, 2013, 23:16 [IST]