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Wake Up To A Beautiful Skin

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l and feel fresh all day long. But if you cannot have it on some or the other day then there is not much to worry about. You can always wake up to a beautiful skin. Overcome these beauty hurdles and get beautiful skin with these easy steps.

Wake Up Beautiful By Following These Simple Steps--

Wake Up Beautiful

Proper Sleeping Posture- To wake up beautiful, the first thing that you need to do is to follow a correct posture while sleeping. Try and sleep with two pillows under your neck as it increases the blood circulation and reduces eye puffiness. Also do not sleep with your face on the pillow as it will put pressure on your facial skin and leads to wrinkles.

Cold Treatment- You might be tempted for a hot water or steam bath on a cold morning. But remember that along with providing you relief it increases skin problems. It accentuates the puffiness of skin and eyes. So it is always better that you go for a cold shower. Try and wash your face with cold water after you get up as it relaxes the skin cells and reduces puffiness. You may also rub your facial skin especially the under eye portion with ice cubes as it increases blood circulation to a great extent. It is very easy to get a beautiful skin after you wake up by following these simple methods.

Cream- After you wash your face with cold water it is time for the skin care treatment. Remember your eyes need special care in order to look beautiful. The skin under the eyes is the most supple and hence you need to take care of it all the more. Apply an oil free under eye lotion to your eyes to reduce dark circles and hydrate the skin area. Also go for a good toner and sunscreen for your face. Follow this skin care regime to get a beautiful skin when you wake up.

Exercise- Exercising is very essential to feel fresh, confident and beautiful the whole day. Take a 'head stand' or a 'backbend' for that purpose. It will keep you full with a sense of fitness and beauty throughout the day. Such exercises increases flow of oxygen in the skin cells making them look more refreshed and beautiful. So, if you want to get a beautiful skin you have to add some regular exercises to your daily routine.

Wake up beautiful by following these easy ways and look fresh and invigorating the whole day.

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