7 Surprising Causes Of Acne

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It is very easy to blame your skin or diet for your acne. But, they are not the only factors behind acne problems. There are lot many surprising factors that trigger acne in adults. Your hormones and bacteria are not the only reasons behind getting it. Lets explore a plethora of weird factors that causes acne problems.

Mobile Phones - Love to gossip? Do you realize that your acne can be a result of long gossiping that happens with your friends over phone. Pressing the phone for a long time across your cheek causes your skin to secrete oils. These oils when mixed with bacteria that is already present on the mobile screen causes acne to sprout on your skin. Make it a habit to clean your cell phones with a tissue paper after every conversation and then reuse it.

Surprising Causes For Acne

Travelling - Travelling is one of the causes behind acne problems. Have you ever noticed why there are breakouts on your skin after a travel? Well, this is because of the change in climate, water, food, etc. If you are travelling by flight, then you are exposing yourself to a very low humid environment. This leads to an excess oil secretion by the glands, thus leading to acne problems.

Hair Styling - Hair products are thick and oily. They get in touch with our skin when we are sleeping. These particles block our skin pores and causes acne. It's like patting oil into our skin. So, go for oil free natural hair products that cannot harm the skin and keep you away from acne. Even hair cuts are one of the causes of acne. Bangs may be in vogue, but they trigger acne to a great extent. Hair comes right into our space and blocks the skin pores thus causing acne.

Toothpaste - Most people spread toothpaste on their lips and face while brushing. Some flouride toothpastes are the reasons for acne breakouts in adults. Even sodium lauryl sulfate in pastes causes skin irritation.

Rubbing Face With Hands - This is one common thing that almost every woman does. Our hands are filled with dirt and germs. Whenever we put our hands on face, the germs stick to our skin pores, thus making home for pimples to pop out.

Cuddling - Do you know that even making out can be a reason behind acne problems? Well, it is more popularly known as consort acne. When you cuddle your partner after making out then the hair gel or the lotion that he uses gets onto your skin. Ask him to switch to oil free and natural products for his face. Hug him next time without bothering for any thing else.

Hard Water - Yes, even water can be one of the causes behind acne. If the water that you use is hard then it leaves some chemical residues on our face and leads to the formation of pimples.

So, try to avoid these things to get rid of acne problems more effectively and have a flawless skin.

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