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How To Get Sun Kissed Skin?

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Sun Kissed Skin
Most of us fear the sun. Whenever we step out of the shade we will be armed with umbrellas, sun screen, scarves and sunglasses. It is true that sun tanning does damage your skin. However, if you never step out into the sunlight, you will end up looking pale like a vampire. Moreover, you could suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.

We all agree that a bit of sunshine is essential to bring some healthy colour of your skin. It is this beautiful, mildly browned skin that is called sun kissed skin. There is a very thin line between sun kissed skin and sun tanning. These tips will help you get a healthy tan.

Steps To Get Sun Kissed Skin:

Catch the morning sun: If you try to get a sun tan in the middle of the afternoon then you will end up with a sun burn. The best way to get a healthy tan is to catch the morning sun. The sunlight is mild and comfortably warm from sun rise to about 2 hours after the sun rises. Stand in the sun for 10 minutes early in the morning and you will be truly sun kissed.

Always use sun tanning lotion: You might want sun kissed skin, but you certainly do not want skin cancer. The ultra violet rays of the sun damage your skin and can lead to skin cancer. So take just the tan and leave the rest. Always use a good quality sun tanning lotion before you go to sun bathe.

Sun bathing on the beach: If you are on a sea side holiday, then it is obviously the best time to tan. However, beware of the harsh sunlight if you are in the tropical zones. Cold beaches are best for sun tanning as the sunshine is not as harsh here. Also, you need to use a water proof sunscreen when you are sun bathing on the beach.

Build the base tan: You might have heard of the tanning parlours that people visit these days. You can call it artificial but the fact remains that artificial tanning gives you great base tan to build on. If you get a basic all body tan at a salon, it will protect your skin from damage of ultraviolet rays. Get this done just before you leave for a long beach holiday.

Do not over do it: Sun tanning upto some extent is healthy. However, you must be careful not to overdo it. You do not want to look like a lobster at the end. Most importantly, too much sun tanning makes your skin age faster. By the time you are 40, you will be creased like old leather.

What else do you do to get that perfect sun kissed skin complexion?

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Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 16:55 [IST]
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