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Is Rain Water Good For Your Skin?

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Dancing in the rain is a childish fantasy that we all cherish. But as we grow older the freedom of doing so reduces drastically. We are constantly worried about our hair getting wet and our clothes getting spoiled. However, the biggest fear that most people have is of damaging their skin in the rains. It is not very clear whether rain water is good or bad for your skin. Different experts have different opinions on the matter.

Here are some of the insights on whether or not your skin benefits from rain water.

Rain Water Skin

What Rain Water Does To Your Skin?

Toxic Rain: The first point to consider before you judge benefits of rain on your skin is, your location on the globe. If you are in the country sidewhere there are no motor vehicles or on a vacation on the Swiss Apls then rain water is probably great for your skin. It is the purest form of water for your skin. However, if you are anywhere near the city you will get only toxic rain water diluted with the pollutants of the atmosphere.

Soft Water: If you get into the nature of the water that comes with the rains then you would have to say it is good for your skin. Rain water is the purest form of soft water, that is, water that is not alkaline. In that case, boiling the water from the rains and then bathing in it might be good for your skin. Soft water is becoming increasingly rare these days so in that respect your skin does benefit from rains.

The Emotional Value Of Rain: Rain water for your skin may not be chemically great but emotionally, it is amazing. Feeling the water droplets crash against your face has its own emotional value. Getting drenched in the rain water makes us happy and happy people have good skin. So if you love the rains and would like to get wet in it, do not hold back thinking about the chemical composition of the rain.

Things To Remember:

1. The first monsoon skin care tips is to avoid the first rains. Usually the first few showers wash away the pollution of the atmosphere. So if it has been raining consistently for a week, it is safe to get wet and dirty.

2. Even if the rains damage skin cells, there is way to protect it. Always go out in the rains after applying a water-proof lotion. Even a water-proof sunscreen it will do the job. The cream will insulate the skin against the chemicals in the rain.

Use these monsoon skin care tips to keep your skin rain-safe. So go on and enjoy that rain dance.

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