Benefits Of Orange On Skin

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Orange is one fruit that can do wonders to your skin. It has astringent and toning properties that can make your skin healthier and fairer. Orange has a good amount of vitamin C that can improve your skin texture as well as makes it glow. This citrus fruit also helps your skin in restoring collagen tissue; collagen is responsible for skin firming and it also prevents early ageing. So if you regularly get nightmares about your skin problems, then its time you go and get oranges. Here we give you tips on how you can use every part of orange to get a younger, healthy and glowing skin.

Orange skin care

Skin benefits of oranges are:

  • After eating pulp of an orange you can keep the orange peel and dry them. After they have dried well, grind them to make powder. Mix this powder in rosewater and apply it as a body scrub.
  • You can also mix the peel powder in milk or milk cream and apply on your face. It will give you instant glow and even reduces dark spots & blemishes. Regular use of this pack will even your skin tone.
  • You can also take the fresh peel and apply it to your face if don't want to go through the tiring process of grinding the orange peel. It will refresh your skin and make it radiant. Word of advise from our side: Don't forget to close your eyes while following this step as it can create eye irritation.
  • Mix 4-5 spoons of boiling water with orange peel together and keep it for overnight. Next day, filter it and apply the liquid on your face using a cotton balls. Keep the liquid on your face for about 10-15 minutes then rinse off with cold water. It will make your skin glowing and firm. You can refrigerate the left over liquid and apply for about a week.
  • You can also mix a little amount of concentrated orange juice to your hair oil. It will help in removing dandruff, giving you shiny hair.
  • Take the juice of 2 oranges and freeze it in an ice tray. Rub your face with these frozen orange juice cubes regularly. It will instantly freshen you up and will give instant relief from tiredness. This is always very effective for those who have big skin pores. This provides relief to acne prone skin and pimples.

So, next time you eat an orange do remember to keep some for your skin.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 9, 2012, 6:01 [IST]
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