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Look Young With Olive Oil

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The battle to look young is no longer being fought by women of thirty and above. With the ultra health conscious celebrities paving the way, teenagers no longer want to wait till they hit thirty to start anti aging care. They want to stamp out signs of aging as early as possible. And the newest found solution is to make use of the wondrous properties of Olive Oil.

Let us look at the ways we can introduce olive oils in our daily lives to make a big difference in our beauty regimens.

Olive Oil

1. Cook Healthy- It might be a tad bit more expensive than normal oil, but you will be doing yourself a huge favor by switching from trans and saturated fats, like butter and regular oil to olive oil. Apart from preventing you from piling the kilos, olive oil is known to have a softening effect on the skin, leading to lower wrinkles because of the monounsaturated oils found in it.

2. Gentle make up removing- Most make up removal creams are mush harsher than what our skin should be exposed to. The area around the eyes, like you must know, is very delicate. Dab some Olive oil onto a cotton swab and gently remove the mascara and kohl. Olive oil's soothing properties will limit the damage of regular eye make up.

3. Anti Aging Salads- Tomatoes are famous for their ingredient, lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that slows down the aging process. To ensure that your body best absorbs lycopene from the tomatoes, sprinkle some Olive oil over it. The combination of tomatoes and olive oil will do wonders for your skin.

4. Daily Beauty Routine- Make use of olive oil by dabbing it on your face before you go to bed every night, it will work on the free radicals of your skin all night and slow down aging. Apply it on your lips as well to prevent cracking and keep them soft, pink and supple!

5. Fights Sun Damage- Even that regular small walk to the bank or the bus stop will damage your skin and make it age drastically! Apply olive oil regularly to prevent further sun damage. It is also highly effective on sun burns when mixed with white vinegar before a warm water bath.

This essential oil, comes from the Olive tree that is now being cultivated vastly around the world because of its extensive uses in beauty, health, fitness and other areas. Make Olive oil a regular part of your lifestyle and benefit from its ingredients, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and a substance called Squalane, which goes deep into your skin and nourishes it, retaining your youth, for longer.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 17:55 [IST]
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