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Face Packs To Get An Instant Glow

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When you are invited for a party or wedding, you start planning, what to wear, what to do etc... Many women even hit the spas and parlours to get waxed, shape eyebrows or have a facial. Well, if you want to get an instant glow, just rubbing your face with rose water is not enough. You can try some homemade face packs to get glowing skin instantly. If you want to look fresh before hitting the party, here are few homemade face packs that can bring that instant glow on your face.

Face packs to get instant glow:

Face Packs To Get An Instant Glow

Banana facial: Banana face packs have many skin benefits. It exfoliates the skin, hydrates it, reduces tan, fights acne, sunburn and ageing. You can either massage your face with a mashed banana or add few ingredients to make a face pack. Mash one ripe banana. Add 1-2 drops of olive oil, rose water and a small tsp of cocoa butter. Mix well. Wash your face with milk and then warm water. If you have blackheads and dead skin, steam for 5-10 minutes and then pat it with towel. Apply this facial and sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash with cold water to get glowing, moisturised and fresh skin.

Cucumber face pack: Have acne or pimple? Try this face pack before going to the party. It will not only fight acne but also exfoliate the skin. So, just mash a small cucumber, add few drops of milk, lemon juice and mix well. Wash your face and apply this face pack. Massage for few seconds and then let it dry. Wash with cold water to get the instant glow on your face.

Papaya face pack: Papaya face packs are very good for the skin. If you have to attend a party and want to get glowing skin, try this homemade face pack. Mash a ripe papaya and add few drops of milk and lemon juice. Apply it on the face and massage for 1 minute. Papaya moisturises the skin and removes dead skin cells. Papaya can be used as facial scrub or face mask to cure acne and fight aging skin etc

Olive oil massage: Have dry skin and want to make it look perfect before applying makeup, try this massage. Olive oil will help you get an instant glow on your face. Women with dry skin find it difficult to apply makeup especially foundation and compact. So, just massage your face with few drops of olive oil. Wash with water and use a mild face wash (if required). Pat dry to get shiny and moisturised skin.

Mud mask: Multani mitti (fuller's earth), besan (Bengal gram flour) are commonly used to make face packs. These masks help you get an instant glow on your face. You can either use multani mitti with rose water and sandalwood powder or mix besan with curd and lemon juice. Both face packs benefit the skin.

These are few easy to make homemade face packs to get an instant glow on your face. Which is your favourite?

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