Are Baby Products Good For Your Skin?

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Many people especially women use baby products on their skin. You use this just because they are good for your baby's skin. Though it is true that most of the baby products are very gentle and thus they suit almost every skin type. Here are a few things that you can pick from your baby's kitty for your own purpose.

Use Baby Products

Baby Cream- A Baby cream is one of the best things to be used from the baby kitty for yourself. You must have wondered many a times to what can be the best way to moisturize your skin. Stop worrying as this is an answer to your question. Baby creams are good for adults too. Just a small quantity of the baby cream would help in moisturising your skin.

But here too there is a consideration that has to be kept in mind. A baby cream is good for only those who have dry skin. Most of the baby creams are oily. So, if you have an oily skin then it is better that you do not use them.

Baby Shampoo- Want to apply baby shampoos on adult scalp? Mind you, they are just too mild. They gently cleanse the skin and might not be good enough for people who regularly go out in dust and pollution. Baby products as such might not be good if you have dandruff and want to wash it off. A baby shampoo is good only if you are having a heavy hairfall and do not want to use any kind of chemicals on your scalp.

Baby Soap- This happens to be one of the baby products that is good for all adults. They do not have a heavy alkaline composition and is therefore good for your skin. They are very gentle and also have good moisturisers. You may use it on a regular basis instead of your soap. And trust me this will make your skin far more smoother than before.

Baby Formula- A baby formula is great for adult skin. You may apply baby formula instead of the chemical filled sunscreens that you generally use. This provides wonderful protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Even the great pop star Shakira applies baby formula on her skin instead of the sunscreens. So just dab some onto the skin to get flawlessly beautiful.

Baby Oil- Be it a baby hair oil or body oil, all are good for the skin. They make your hair and skin all the more smooth and gentle.

Before you apply any such product, it is better that you take a test on the back of your ear first. If rashes appear then it is better not to use them.

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