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Fight Acne With These Oils!

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Normally, we have always believed that oils are a cause of acne. The skin oozes excess oil and that attracts dirt into the skin pores. Then the pores get clogged and pimples break out. However, some essentials oils are needed by the skin. These skin oils keep the skin supple and youthful. Some oils can cure acne instead of increasing them.

The acne remedies mentioned here all herbal oil based. Try these skin oils remedies for acne.

Oils For Acne

Tea Tree Oil: This essential oil has been used for ages to treat skin infections due to its anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree oil cures acne by cleansing the bacteria that causes pimples. Apply it specifically on the pimple and it will be cured. Make sure that you use virgin tea tree oil to cure acne. Mixtures or combinations won't do.

Sandalwood Oil: Sandalwood paste is considered a very good face pack for curing acne. Sandalwood oil too has the same cooling effect on your skin. Acne is often the result of body heat. That is why, the balmy effect of sandalwood oil might be helpful.

Clove Oil: If you have picked your acne and created an infected mess, then applying antiseptic clove oil is a great option. You can fall back on this essential oil to numb the pain of popped pimple and also avoid ugly scars.

Germanium Oil: It is one of the easy to try remedies for acne. Germanium oil is not only anti-bacterial but also anti-inflammatory. It will soothe your pus-filled pimples and help get rid of them soon.

Lavender Oil: Permanent scars are what we fear the most when we get acne Sometimes a particularly nasty pimple can leave a scar for life. If you can see black marks on your face after the pimples dry up, then try the floral lavender oil. It will ease away the acne marks and give you a clear skin.

Jojoba Oil: This oil is another essential oil for the skin that takes care of marks. Jojoba oil improves the regenerating power of the skin. The skin repairs itself with the help of this oil and in the process, get rid of acne marks.

Olive Oil: Any vitamin E rich oil is good for the skin. As far as acne is concerned, virgin olive oil has plenty of antioxidants that helps to expel impurities from the skin. As the skin is purified of pollutants, acne goes way on its own.

These are some the best oils to cure acne. Did you ever think that the very thing that causes acne could also cure it?

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