Cream Recipes For Winter Skin Care

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Cream Skin Care
Milk cream and honey were once considered skin savers for the harsh winters. These days we have a multitude of creams for skin care during winters but that does not take away any credit from the original. Facial masks made with fresh milk cream are still the best for moisturizing your skin and get rid of dryness. Recipes for homemade facepacks using cream must be necessarily made from fresh cream that forms the top layer of whole milk. For this buy fatty whole milk and keep in the refrigerator overnight.

Here are some of the best recipes with cream for skin care during winter.

Cream Recipes For Skin Care:

1. Cream & Honey: As mentioned earlier this is the best combination of ingredients to care for your skin during winters. This facial mask recipe contains just these two components, both easily available at home. Whisk milk cream and honey in a bowl; add a little milk if it gets too dry. Apply it on your face and neck for 10 minutes and wipe off with wet cloth.

2. Cream, Turmeric & Lemon Juice: This homemade facepack is a sure shot recipe for fairness. While cold creams put shadows on your cheeks because they are oily and attract dirt, this totally natural remedy gives you lighter complexion even during winters. Get the natural fruit of turmeric (it looks like ginger) and grind 1 inch of it with half cup of fresh milk cream in a blender. Squeeze a lemon into it and whisk. Apply and keep for ten minutes before washing off.

3. Orange Peels, Cream and Strawberries: A citrus blast of cream for skin care. If you are prone to dry acne or breakouts during the cold months then this is the perfect facial mask recipe for you. Save the peels of oranges and sun dry them for a couple of days. Now blend together the dried orange peels with strawberries and milk cream in a blender. The result may not be totally smooth but it will still be a great cream fruit facial rich in anti oxidants and vitamin C. You can add a little oatmeal powder and use it like a scrub too.

4. Almond, Butter, Rice Powder & Cream: Need that perfect radiance for winter, you can try this almond face pack. Almonds have the unique quality to moisturize your skin without making it oily and this thus it is the main ingredient of this facepack other than cream. Soak almonds in water overnight and then grind them with milk cream (add milk if it gets too dry) without peeling in a blender. Add white (unsalted) butter to this; also add rice powder to make the scrub coarse and then scrub your face with it in regular circular motions for 10 minutes as the almond oils seep in to your skin pores.

Use these natural beauty tips to use milk cream for skin care.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 11:21 [IST]
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