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Happy Birthday Leonardo DiCaprio! 5 Beard Styles Of The Actor You Can Flaunt This No Shave November

Not many people are lucky enough to get the love and appreciation that Leonardo DiCaprio has earned. This Oscar Award-winning Hollywood actor is not only versatile when it comes to his choice of movies and acting, but also in carrying off different beard styles with ease. And for all of you guys looking for beard inspiration or checking out different beard styles for No Shave November, Leanordo's beard journey is the one you need to take a look at. From a light stubble to a full beard, he has experimented with various beard styles.

Born on 11 November 1974, today is the 45th birthday of Leonardo DiCaprio. We take a look at his beard styles that you can flaunt this No Shave November.

1. Light Stubble

Light stubble is one beard style Leonardo rocked for quite some time. This beard style is one that is perfect for beginners in the beard world. It gives you a taste of how it is keeping a beard without all the hustle of managing it. It is a clean look that makes you look casual and poised. However, keeping a light stubble requires you to have a regular shaving schedule.

2. Thick Stubble

Thick stubble is an extended version of the light stubble. Allow your light stubble to grow for a few more days and here you have it- the thick stubble. It is a rough look that is not messy. A thick stubble look makes for a great beard style to rock at a formal environment like your workplace. To maintain a thick stubble is a task, however. You need to know and master the art of trimming your beard.

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3. Extended Goatee

The goatee is a beard style that has gained a lot of popularity. It is a beard style that includes a patch on your chin. You may or may not pair the chin patch with a moustache. And if you do go a moustache, then you have an extended goatee. This a fun beard styles that can have many versions. You can opt for the length of chin patch and moustache that you feel suits you the best.

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4. Fluffy Beard

Want to have the full-blown experience of having a beard? Go for a fluffy and bushy beard. This beard style requires time and patience. You will need 10-12 months to get to this stage. You need to let it grow at its own pace. This is a beard that will need quite a lot of grooming and taking care of. This beard look has its own charm. The length of the beard depends on your preference.

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5. Triangle Beard

Triangle beard is one beard style that can make a significant change to your look. Ideal for those with triangle, oblong or diamond face shapes, this beard styles will require 9-12 months to grow. The most important factor when it comes to triangle beard is styling. You need a skilled professional to give your beard the proper shape. And it needs to be groomed at regular intervals.

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