Top 7 Trends For Men In Summer 2014

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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Most men may not focus on fashion trends on a day-to-day basis, but some of them do take an interest to know the latest trends for menswear in the market across the globe. It goes without saying that everyone nowadays is keen on revamping their wardrobe with some interesting summer fashion trends for men and women that are trending this season and looking for ways to adopt it according to their own personal styling.

So if you are a guy with sartorial needs looking for ways to build up your wardrobe, then try to implement new ways to spice up your style this summer. Here are some of the hottest trends for menswear.


Whether you are a conventional fashion greenhorn or flamboyant metrosexual who prefers to experiment with different techniques of styling, here are some of the new summer fashion trends for men that are sure to help evolve your wardrobe this season.



The ultimate summer trend for this season is ombre. This trend for menswear which has been in the fashion market for some time now is essentially borrowed from the women's trend box and includes shirts, jackets and t-shirts.


Jackets and Trousers

Interestingly the trend for menswear this summer is all about traditional style of dressing when it comes to trousers and jackets. This season, the look for trousers has to come tapered at the ankle and finished with high cuffs, while jackets need to be longer than the usual length.


New nerd look

Some of the new summer fashion trends for men that is hogging the limelight this season is the new nerd look. The key word for this trend is all about subtlety and fit. For the nerd look, men will have to source for clothes that are simple without any aesthetic appeal. Make sure to take time to match up your iPad case to your shirt if you want a complete nerd look.



Even this year, camouflage is still one of the biggest trends for menswear. This is definitely masculine and military inspired prints/ motifs, which displays a diverse look for men. Interestingly, some of the key pieces that are in vogue for this summer are the camouflaged military and safari inspired prints in jacket, shirts and sneakers. Men can team up this look with a worn-out pair of jeans.


Nautical stripes

Nautical stripes to pinstripes have become a strong motif for this summer. Nowadays, most nautical influences are deeply ingrained in most fabric of menswear. The classic nautical palette of navy, red and white has become some of the easy to wear colours for this summer. To complete your nautical inspired look, make sure to wear it up with khakis, dark denims or linen pants.


Casual blazers with bigger lapels

The most essential trends for menswear that most designers are embracing this season are the larger lapel. Make sure to throw away the skinny suit for an influx of double breasted blazers.


Coloured suits

Blue suits are usually good for men. To embrace this latest summer fashion trend for men, why not experiment with suits in shades of lime, fuchsia, ochre and even in colours of traffic light red?

For this summer, try also to shop for easy to wear light-weight espadrilles.

To be fashion-forward this summer, make sure you try some of these summer fashion trends for men that are exploring the market.

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