Shirt Colours For Men To Try This Season

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When compared to women fashion, men fashion is not that in vogue. A man is not that updated with the fashion trends. Normal shirts with horizontal or vertical stripes is ideal to wear for work. The only logic about fashion comes when men see actors on screen sporting something different. For example, muffler became a rage after actors like Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan wore it in movies.

While picking up shirts, men are very choosy. Why? Because they do not want to wear odd colours like pink or turquoise. Why just stick to black, grey, blue and white? It is time to experiment with sexy shirt colours that are 'in'! Here are few trendy men shirt colours that are in fashion right now.

Shirt Colours For Men To Try This Season

Men shirt colours to try this season:

Yellow/Lime: This is a bold colour that can be very choosy. Not all men are comfortable in wearing such bright colours. But, trust me, this colour is 'in' and you can definitely give a try. If you are not comfortable with yellow, pick up a lime coloured shirt. Team this bright shirt with a dark coloured bottoms. You can either wear it with blue denims or black trousers. If you are really funky, try it with a slim-fit black jeans!

Turquoise: It is a shirt colour that can add the touch of elegance to anyone's looks. Women wear turquoise saree, shirt, top and even party gowns. Why should men lag behind? Pick up this shirt colour and see how classy you look. Men can wear this shirt colour at work too. Just make sure you colour-contrast the shirt with a dark coloured trousers or jeans.

Green: Monsoon is on turnabout. In this season, you can try these summer colours. Green is very 'in' and men should update this fashion trend. Bring in a few green coloured shirts in different patterns and designs. From stripes to prints, you can try anything win this summer and monsoon colour. Make sure you wear it with extremely dark pants. If you do not like bright green, go for bottle green or leaf green.

Aqua blue: Add a different shade of blue colour shirt in your wardrobe. This is a cool colour that will look hot on both college and office men. Go for plain aqua blue shirt. Wear it with white pants or three-quarter pants. You can pick up vertical stripes in white and aqua blue. It is cool and can go with both formal and informal look. For formal look, tug the shirt inside black trousers and wear a white jacket (if required). For informal look, just wear it outside with three-quarter white pant or low waist jeans.

These are few shirt colours that men can try. Show your fashion side at work or college. Try these bold colours and modify your style quotient. Apart from these colours, men can also experiment with floral prints. It is not easy for men to carry the floral print shirts so look twice in the mirror before paying for a floral printed shirt.

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