Fashion Mistakes That Turn Off Women

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Dressing can boost up the personality of a man. White shirt, low waist jeans and tuxedos are few hot picks that can be a big turn on for women. However, there are few mistakes in men dressing that can be a big turn off for women.

These fashion mistakes are a big no-no. Avoid making such fashion blunders if you really dress to impress. Here are a few fashion mistakes made by men that can be a turn-off for women.

Fashion Mistakes That Turn Off Women

Men fashion mistakes to avoid:

Baggy jeans: Low waist jeans can be a huge turn on but baggy jeans is just the opposite. Men should avoid wearing extremely low waist baggy jeans. They will look short and heavy. Moreover, disproportionate body features can make a woman look at you with a not-so cool expression. Avoid wearing baggy jeans. I know it looks cool on rappers but is not easy to carry! Pick up jeans that are neither too tight nor too loose.

Girly pink: Pink is a feminine colour. If you dress to impress, choose manly colours like black, white, charcoal black or blue colours. Wearing a pink t-shirt tugged inside a blue jeans or a shirt tugged inside black trousers is a big turn off for women. Men should avoid committing such fashion mistakes.

Colourful underwear: Oh! The Casanova need not wear a red coloured underwear. Women get turned off if a man wears such colourful undies. If you chose bobby prints or bright colours then stop wearing them. Go for plain colours like white, black or grey. If you want few colours, prefer undies like black with red border. Remember Salaam Namaste? Saif did show off his underwear with style. It was a turn on!

Ill-fitting t-shirts: Wearing tight t-shirts to flaunt your built physique can be a turn off at times. Slim-fit t-shirts look cool on men but if you go for collar neck tight-fitting t-shirt, you will look fat and unevenly figured. If you really want to impress women with your style, choose the right t-shirt with funky tees.

Jeans above naval ring: Woo hoo! Above naval ring is too old-fashioned. If you tug in your t-shirt or shirt completely inside, you will look like a grand pa. These days, tug shirts are just turn off. Loosely tugged shirts or t-shirt looks cool on men. If your jeans or trousers is too big for you, just alter it. Need not save few bucks and wear it so high!

These are few fashion blunders that men commit. If you want to dress to impress women, avoid making such mistakes. Have confidence in yourself. Make sure you have that manly attitude and the personality to woo a girl. Choose bold colours like black or grey that makes you look good and not kiddish. Be careful while picking up accessories. Chain belts can be a huge turn off. Show your manly side by trying leather not chain.

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