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Top Five Tattoo Designs Of The Season

By devaki

Tattoo, is all what men can think of now. The reason are plenty. They look stylish, attract girls, are the best to start a conversation and are the best way of expressing oneself.

Flaunting a tattoo is now a fashion statement and our very own Sanjay Dutt being a tattoo fan, has set the trend loose for guys to grab it. Tattoo design trends changes from time to time and following are the top five tattoo's of the season -


The Angle Tattoo, is an expression of faith in The Almighty. It expresses one's connection with the supreme power and also is a form of tribute. The Angle tattoo is related to the Catholic believe and is connected to believe and purity.


Tribal Tattoos are a rage at present. The haphazard lines form a very interesting patterns. A Tribal Tattoo is the sign of strength and determination. Tribal Tattoos is a typical Indian fashion statement.


The Star Tattoo is connected with truth and hope. This Tattoo speaks volumes about one's personality. It portrays, the determination, ambition and sophistication in a person.


As the name suggest, the Cross Tattoo, is a symbol of faith in God. This tattoo is generally accompanied with beautifully carved name of the person whom one considers next to God.


The Wings Tattoo, is the symbol of Gods horse which comes to relieve a man from worldly worries. This sign is said to be flaunted by men who, want to connect with the messengers of God.

It is strongly believed that choice of tattoo is related to ones personality and current state of mind. Make sure of what you flaunt, it may reveal your secrets.
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Story first published: Thursday, March 25, 2010, 17:07 [IST]