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Five Must Haves For Fashionable Men

By Super Admin

Talk about accessories for women and you can have an endless list, but what about men? Men can rarely boast about having a range of different accessories. The list of accessories for men could just stop at things like sunglasses, watches, wallets and belts.

It may sound boring but, these are the things every man must have. The choice is between making them mere things of necessity or flaunt them as your style statement.


Sunglasses are a must have, when you step out in the Sun. They make the ultimate style statement, without you having to shell out a huge amount. Choosing the right pair of sunglasses for yourself is important. It should be trendy, classy and yet suit you personality.

Jet black glasses may not suit everybody, thus you should experiment with other hues of brown too. It is always good to choose a pair, keeping in mind the colour of the season.

The shape of your sunglasses should also correspond to the trend of the season. By wearing outdated designs, you wouldn't want the girls to have a good laugh, Isn't is?

Why not try something new thins season? The Aviator sunglasses (the style seen the 80s in Top Gun) has a distinct masculine look. The black lens, metal framed combination has changed to grey or black lenses with stylish colourful frames. This style, by adding a bit of colour, can compliment a variety of looks for men.

Sunglasses serve more than one purpose. They not only protect your eyes from sun rays but also help you stare girls without the notice of your girlfriend!


A man's wallet should be made of genuine leather. The softer the material, the better it is. The finest quality leather such as calf leather is preferred. As far as the colour of the wallet is concerned, stick to black or shades of brown. If you want to add a little quirky touch, an emboss or a stitch would look funky.

Next time you go shopping for a wallet, make sure that you buy a slim one. As you fill up your wallet with much more than what you require, it will bulge out from the pocket. Fat wallets bulging out from the jeans pocket looks very bad.

Do not keep adding junk to your wallets. Throw away all the movie tickets and ATM slips. Family photos look god in Photo frames. Do not keep them behind the plastic pocket of your wallet. It is not a very good idea to stock up all your credit cards in your wallet. Only one debit card and one credit card is enough.


Bags should always match the place you are going to. If you are out of college, keep you back packs aside. They can be used for vacations. Switch to a professional-type laptop bag, for your office or opt for any other trendy 'manbags.'

There are unlimited choices for bags. The best way to choose a bag is to keep in mind the purpose of it. The type of bag that you carry talk a lot about your image. If you are in the service industry and can afford a bit of casual look, a cross body messenger bag is a good pick.

While choosing your bag, look for the quality too. Choose the bag with an uneven rough surface. If the texture of the leather is very smooth, it means that the leather has been treated too much and it may not last long. The rough look adds to a man's personality too.

The Dakine Station bag is best if you want to go for trekking. It is available in several colours and patterns. The Duffel bags have enough room for a weekend get away. It is polished enough for business as well. The Oakley computer bags are trendy and cool. It is a nylon bag with a padded laptop sleeve. It has many external pockets to keep in the extra tit-bits and comes with a shoulder strap too.


Belt is a man's best friend. A trouser without a belt can not only pull down your image but your pants too! From the buckle to the colour of the belt, choose everything with extra care.

Belts to match formal wears should be neutral in colour. It should be in shades of brown or black, to match with the colour of the trouser. Like your wallets, belts should also be made of soft and fine leather. For office wear, the buckle should be small and simple.

For an evening party, a belt to match your rugged jeans can be fashionable. You can pick a broad belt with a funky buckle. Match it with a trendy T-shirt and you are ready for the evening!


Though watches are an absolute necessity, they can also be stylish. Whether you are dressing up for business meeting or a party, you can not compromise on your watch. Most of us today think it is just fine to not wear the watch and pull out your mobile each time you want to look at the time. This looks unprofessional and stupid. You will get other chances to flaunt your mobile, but not for looking at the time, please!

Watches are an extension of one's personality. Chain straps and belt straps both look good but choose the one with which you are more comfortable in. For a formal look, choose the one which matches with your attire. Chain straps go well with formal wears.

For a casual look, you can opt for belt straps. If you have a broad wrist, you can experiment with big dials too. Check out the new trends of all the brands and pick the one that suits your personality.

Big watches, both in size and shape are back in trend. Look out for diameters that are more than 40 millimetres. Though the popular material remains steel, titanium is fast picking up.

Story first published: Monday, April 12, 2010, 14:15 [IST]