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Micellar Water Hacks You Will Be Surprised To Know

If you are anything like us, aka ardent make-up lovers, you must have gone through endless bottles of micellar water. Majorly used for removing even the stubborn make-up at the end of the day, micellar water, with its superb cleansing effect, has been a real game-changer in the beauty industry. From bloggers to celebrities, all have fallen under the charm of micellar water.

But, you still haven't tapped into the full potential of micellar water. This multi-purpose product can come in handy in many of tricky situations you find yourself in. From fixing your make-up product to fixing your make-up mistakes, it can do it all. And this what we are here to discuss today. Continue reading to know amazing micellar water hacks that will leave you stunned.


Clean Make-up Brushes

We all know how quickly make-up brushes can get dirty. We dread cleaning the make-up brushes and thus keeping keep pushing it until we have to. Not with micellar water. If it can clean the make-up off your face, it can do it with your brushes as well. Dip the make-up brushes in a bowl filled with micellar water for a few seconds. Take them out, wipe them with a tissue and you have squeaky clean make-up brushes.


Fix Make-up Mistakes

It happens to the best of us. A mascara incident, eyeliner gone wrong or excess blush- there are too many things that go wrong while doing make-up. You can't start from scratch every time. Use a bit of micellar water to correct all your make-up mistakes. Take the micellar water on a cotton pad, with gentle strokes remove the mistake and redo.

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Clean The Spots On Your Dresses

Just when you want things to be perfect, you end up staining your clothes with no time left to change. It can give you a mini panic attack. Once again, micellar water can help you out of this situation. Use a bit of micellar water to remove the stains from your clothes, but be warned, it isn't supposed to be used on delicate fabrics.


Tone Down Your Perfume

How many times has it happened that we have applied way too much perfume to be comfortable? The fragrance that was supposed to add to your charm now gives us a headache. Not to worry. Just apply some micellar water over the places you applied the perfume on. It helps to subdue the strong smell of your perfume.


Remove False Eyelashes

A pair of false eyelashes does amp up our look and make us feel beautiful. But, taking it off can be quite bothersome, especially when you are a novice in the world of fake eyelashes. To remove the eyelashes without breaking a sweat, put micellar water-soaked cotton pads over your eyelashes for a few seconds. Remove the cotton pads and take off your lashes. They should peel off quite easily now.


Mending Broken Powder Products

We love ourselves some powder products, be it eyeshadow or bronzer. But, mishaps can happen. Cracked powder products are nothing new. It breaks our hearts to see our favourite products broken. Micellar water can fix this for you. Pour a few drops of micellar water in the broken powder products and smoothen the cracks in your product. Once it dries down, your product should be as good as new.

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Intensifying Your Eyeshadow

All shadows in the eyeshadow palette do not perform the same. The colour pay-off of some eyeshadows is disappointing. For those shadows that you wish were more bright, micellar water is the solution. Before dipping your brush in the eyeshadow, drench your eyeshadow brush with micellar water. When you apply it to the lids, the colour will be more intense and bright.

Did you think that the good old micellar water can do so much? Well, now that you know what micellar water is capable of, make the best use of it.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 14:59 [IST]
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