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Eye Make-up Removal Mistakes That You’re Making

Eye make-up is the most intricate part of our entire look. It is also the part of our make-up routine that takes the longest time. But somehow, we do not show the same patience when it comes to removing the eye make-up. In a hurry to get to bed and have a relaxing night, we often rush through our make-up removing routine- a routine essential to keep our skin beautiful and perky.

With all the layers of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, our eye make-up gets the most heat of our rushed make-up removal routine. You might have noticed the flakes of mascara on your lashes. Our eyes and the skin around is quite frail and it is best to proceed with caution when doing the skincare or make-up routine. Even the smallest mistake can cause enough damage. To prevent that from happening, here is a list of common eye make-up removing mistakes that we make that you need to need to stop immediately.


Going Too Harsh To Get It Off

The skin around your eyes is delicate and prone to damage and it needs to be dealt like such. We often make the mistake of rubbing too hard to get the eye make-up off. This not only makes the skin around the eyes lose but also pulls out your lashes. Be gentle while trying to rub off the make-up. If it is not coming off easily, you might want to change your make-up remover.


Using Facial Cleanser To Remove The Make-up

Washing the face is not equivalent to removing the make-up. In a hurry to hit the bed, we skip the make-up remover and use our facial cleanser to get rid of the eye make-up. But, it is not enough. Your facial cleanser does not have what it takes to remove all the layers of your eye make-up and you are left with a colourful (mostly black) mess. It is better to stick to make-up remover specially made for the eye for a smooth experience.

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Getting A Remover Not Fit For The Eyes

Your eyes are delicate and it is of utmost importance that you pay attention to what product you are using on them. There are all sorts of make-up removers available today and some of these contain chemicals that can prove harmful for your eyes. So, choose wisely and only pick the make-up removers that are safe to use on the eyes.


Trying Scrubbing For Thorough Cleansing

Waterproof make-up has made our lives so much easier. They stay put almost the entire day and do not need much touching up. But, waterproof make-up, especially eye make-up, is particularly difficult to get rid of. So, we try harsh methods to get it off. Using a scrub is one method. Normally, we would refrain from using the scrub too close to the eyes. But seeing as our motive is to remove the eye make-up, we try to scrub the make-up off putting the delicate skin around the eyes at risk. Scrub with large granules can leave small tears on the skin that need time to heal. As the skin around the eyes is very thin, the chances of it tearing are more. So, never try to scrub your make-up off.

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Not Giving Make-up Remove Enough Time To Sink In

Talking about waterproof make-up, the best chance you have of removing it effortlessly is giving the make-up remover time to sink in and melt the make-up. If you are finding it difficult to remove your eye make-up, more specifically your mascara, try holding the cotton swab with the make-up remover over your eyes for a few seconds and then wiping it off.


Not Following Through With The Rest Of Your Routine

No doubt, removing make-up before going to bed is very important to keep your skin healthy. But that is not all. You need to follow it through with the rest of your nighttime skincare routine. After removing the eye make-up, there are traces of make-up remover left on your skin which if not removed might clog the pores and cause skin damage. The make-up remover often gets into our eyes and thus needs to be washed off. So, after you remove the make-up, make sure to wash and cleanse your face before retiring to bed.

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