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8 Amazing Bridal Make-up Tips For Dusky Skin

Dusky skin tone is exotic. The rich almond-coloured and sun-kissed skin is truly a blessing to have. And contrary to popular belief, dusky skin can rock a whole spectrum of beautiful and bold shades and then some more. People in our society equate beauty with fair skin, but the charm of dusky skin is acclaimed by everyone around the world (we would like to remind you of the craze for self-tanning in the western world!).

And if you're a dusky-skinned bride-to-be and worried about being an entrancing bride, don't be. Today, we have some amazing bridal tips for all those dusky skin beauties out there that will help you look your absolute best on your special day. Let's start, shall we?

1. Cleanse Your Skin Properly

Cleansing helps to draw out the impurities and debris from your skin. And it is especially important if you have a dusky skin tone. If not properly cleansed, dusky skin can look a bit tired and dull. So make sure that you follow the proper cleansing routine religiously. If possible, start a proper skincare routine or the CTM routine a couple of months prior to your wedding. Also, for deep cleansing, you can give the double cleansing technique a try.

2. Moisturising Is Vital

Another thing that is vital for getting that healthy bridal glow is keeping the skin well-moisturised. Dusky skin tends to look pallid if not properly moisturised. So, make sure that your skin is hydrated throughout the day. Also, don't forget the area under your eyes. If not properly moisturised, it can cause dark circles and you wouldn't want that, right?

3. Choose The Foundation Wisely

Your foundation shade can make or break the look. Go for a foundation shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. If you don't find a perfect match for your skin tone, try and mix two shades to make a custom-made shade that matches your skin tone.

Also, decide in advance that finish of the foundation that you would want to go for. For oily skin, a matte or semi-matte will work best and a dewy foundation for dry and combination skin.

4. Set The Make-up With A Translucent Powder

Setting the make-up is crucial. It gives a smooth finish to your base and makes the make-up last for a longer time. And as you have dusky skin tone, choose a setting powder that isn't pigmented. Go for a translucent setting powder that set the make-up in place without adding any colour to your base.

5. Blush It Away

Blush is an important element of a make-up look. Don't think that blush won't show up as beautifully on dusky skin as it would on fair skin. In fact, blush looks fabulous on dusky skin. You just need to choose the right shade of blush. Go for deeper shades such as coral, deep orange, peach or rose.

6. Go For A Metallic Eye Look

Metallic eyeshadows show up the best on dusky skin tone as it allows the shimmer in the shadow to shine through. And especially a gold metallic eyeshadow. Choose a metallic eyeshadow if you are opting for a golden eye look or go for bolder and add darker shades such as blue and copper as the base. Ensure that the base complements your bridal attire.

7. Explore Different Lip Shades

You do not necessarily have to wear the traditional red shade to your wedding. Being blessed with an exotic skin tone, you can explore various shades of lipstick like plum, wine, copper, chocolate or berry.

Also, line and fill in your lips before applying the lipstick. It will help the colour to reflect better.

8. Don't Go Overboard With The Make-up

With all that being said, do keep in mind not to go overboard with your make-up. A natural look is all your stunning skin tone needs. So, keep it basic, neutral and splendid. Do not go for bold eyes and bold lips look and blend everything to perfection.

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