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Did You Know These Amazing Uses Of Loose Powder?

Loose powder is sitting at our vanity waiting to be explored. As multi-purpose as it can be, the loose powder does not get the credit it deserves. In fact, a lot of women who use make-up regularly do not own a loose powder. How we wish they knew what they are missing!

We use loose powder or setting powder for setting our make-up in place. While that is certainly one of the most efficient uses of loose powder, there are so many lesser-known and better uses of loose powder.

From fixing the intensity of your make-up to preventing probable make-up disasters, loose powder can do it all. And because we know all these amazing uses of loose powder, we cannot help but share these with you. Continue reading to know all the amazing uses of looser powder that you most probably didn't know.


Jazz Up Your Lashes

Long and fluttery lashes that defy gravity can do wonders for your looks. But no matter how many coats of mascara, in a few hours you are back to clumpy and droopy lashes. Using loose powder can make your lashes so much better. Between you coats of mascara, sprinkle some loose powder on your lashes. Keep in mind that you must sprinkle the lashes on wet lashes or you won't get the intended effect.

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For Perfectly Blended Eyeshadow

There are so many times that we just can't seem to blend our eyeshadow as perfectly as we want. Even after blending it so much, the harsh lines do not disappear. If you face the same issue, take some setting powder on your brush and the eyeshadow would blend immediately.


Switch Your Lipstick From Glossy To Matte

The craze for glossy lips fizzles out much more sooner than we think while the charm of matte lipsticks grows with time. And all our collection of glossy lipsticks seems like a waste. Do not worry. We have a quick solution for you. After you put on your glossy lipstick, dust some loose powder on your lips and you have your very own matte lipstick. You can try this trick with all your lip shades.


To Prevent The Horror Of Eyeshadow Fall Out

We often do our eye make-up at last after our base make-up is done. Eye shadows most of the times have some fallout, some more than the others. This can ruin your whole look and make your dark circles even more prominent. To prevent that from happening, bake your face using the loose powder, To do that, apply a thick layer of loose powder under your eyes. This will catch all the fallout which you can wipe off later without ruining your look.


For Long Lasting Lipstick

Lipsticks, despite the promises made by the brands, wash off or smudge by the end of the day. At times, you do not get the chance to touch up through the day. To make your lipstick last the whole day, put a tissue over your lips after putting on the lipstick and then dust some lipstick over your lips. This will lock your lipstick in place.


As Dry Shampoo

The greasy second-day-after-the-wash roots can push your hair wash day ahead. And sometimes you do not even get the time to wash your tresses. Dry shampoo works great to fix the greasy roots but what if you don't have it? Just put some loose powder on your roots and rub it in using a brush. Your greasy roots will immediately become matte.

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Fixing The Blush Blunder

We all love the flush of the blush. But we seem to go overboard and all that is visible on the face is the harsh blush blot on the cheeks. Alas, you have got yourself the blush blunder. Instead of washing off your face and starting from scratch, just dab some loose powder over the blush to reduce its intensity. Isn't loose powder just amazing!

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