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On Priyanka Chopra's Birthday, Here Are 7 Make-up And Beauty Lessons From Her

With those perfect waves and plump lips, Priyanka Chopra has always managed to look perfect. Whether she's juggling between the different timezones or out there doing some social work, she always seems so well put-together. And that makes us wonder how exactly does she do it. What are the secrets she's been hiding? Do you wonder that as well? No more!

The stunning diva, who celebrates her birthday on 18 July, has been quite obvious about her beauty secrets. And so, on the occasion of her birthday, we thought we'll share with you seven make-up and beauty lessons that we've learnt from her throughout the years. Read on and find out what these are!

1. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential. Hydrated skin is happy skin and this is what Priyanka tells you. While drinking water is essential to maintain healthy skin, it is also important to moisturise from the outside as well. Also, you can use coconut water and infused water to make staying hydrated fun and yummy.

2. Enjoy The Sun, But First Sunscreen

It is important to enjoy the relaxing sun every once in a while and get yourself some vitamin D. However, doing that without some sun protection can turn out to be a big mistake. So, every time you step out, apply some sunscreen to protect your skin from any harm.

3. Less Is More

The next thing that Priyanka taught us is that you don't always have to carry a dramatic look to be pretty. Often times you'll find that less is more and comfortable as well. So just put on some sun protection, lip gloss or lip tint and mascara and you're ready to roll. Trust us, you'll love the minimalistic approach to make-up.

4. Don't Shy Away From The Fun Trends

The beauty trends change in a blink of an eye and it is difficult to keep up with them. Yet, you've got to try the latest trend sometimes(or all the time if you can do so!) For instance, the trend of metallic lipstick or metallic eyeshadow might seem a lot, but don't shy away from giving it a try. You might end up loving it. Although, to carry these off, tone down your dress shades a little and you're good to go!

5. Bold Eye And Bold Lips? Oh, Yes!

If you're familiar with make-up, you would know that it is always suggested to either wear a bold lip or bold eyes. Well, not for Priyanka. If you know the right combination of shades, bold eyes paired up with a bold lip can do wonders for your look. Try it out sometimes!

6. Let Your Dress Do The Talking Sometimes

While you might think that on any given occasion your make-up is the highlight, sometimes your dress is dazzling enough to do the talking. So, if you're wearing a stunning number just tone down the make-up and let your dress shine.

7. A Sleek Ponytail To Twitch Up Your Look

Ponytail sure is an understated hairstyle. Well, Priyanka doesn't seem to think so. On numerous occasions, Priyanka has proven that a sleek ponytail can definitely take your entire look up a notch. So, if you're not sure about the hairdo, straighten your hair and tie it up in a ponytail and see the difference that it makes.